Make Your Hot Tub Experience Better with Accessories

There is a wide selection of hot tub or spa accessories that are available so you can enjoy your hot tub or spa experience to the max. If your tub is located in an area where the sun directly hits it, you might want to purchase a good tub tent or a canopy to protect you and your tub and help you enjoy a relaxing retreat in your spa tub. Patios or spa furniture makes a great relaxing area for your guests especially if your spa is well-maintained and the area surrounding it is landscaped. Start browsing online shops for the perfect accessories for your tub.

Hot Tub Blankets

Heat escapes when the cover is inadequate so search for the perfect one to help your tub retain heat and also prevents debris from falling into the water. Hot tub covers will absorb water and get heavy over time. To prevent yourself from hurting your back, invest on a cover lifter to move the heavy blanket before using the tub. Cover lifters are available in different sizes to fit your specific tub blanket. A tub blanket, on the other hand is placed just underneath the cover to prevent water from soaking up the cover. This limits the spa cover from absorbing evaporating water from the tub. It may prevent a waterlogged cover too. The spa cover will be protected from chemicals from the tub; thereby enabling it to last longer than if the tub didn’t have a blanket.


Putting steps from outside the tub will help elderly to enjoy soaking in warm spas. Not every hot tub is sold with external steps. These free-standing steps are very easy to use and it is just like simply walking up the steps. They may also be customized to match your tub. They are available in molded plastic or even wood. Some external steps are made with compartments for storage. This is where hot tub chemicals may be stored for use. Or you might consider a hot tub pillow. These have counter balance weights and can be placed anyway on the hot tub edge.

The Enhanced Hot Tub Experience

To enjoy a more pleasant spa experience; one of the accessories that is designed to dissolve in your spa are good smelling beads. The beads are sometimes placed in a small container to dissolve in the water. You then can delight in your spa experience wrapped in nice smells. Whether in oil or beads they can also be introduced in the water. Choose your ideal smell like vanilla or mint.

Other Optional Accessories

Hot tub or spa covers are available in a selection of several colors. They are available in a variety of weights. Then you can get a towel rack which hooks up precisely to the hot tub for your robe or towel. Or give some thought to a spa caddy for slippers or other items. For protections invest in a spa slipcover which covers the entire spa for protection.

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