Lutheran Church Scottsdale AZ And Its Origins

Arizona is considered one of the Four Corner States, in that it actually has four corners. The state shares one of these points with the state of Colorado. It is bounded by the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah and by the sovereign nation of Mexico. The Lutheran Church Scottsdale AZ has at least one branch, which is located near Papago Park in South Scottsdale.

Arizona is considered part of the Mountain West states. It is the sixth largest state, in terms of area, in the union of the 50 states and the 15th largest in terms of population (roughly 6.6 million, with a population density of only 57 per square mile). Arizona was the 48th state and entered the union on on Valentine’s Day 1812.

Approximately one-quarter of the state is dedicated to Indian Reservations that house around twenty Native American tribes. These are registered with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and include a number of Apache tribes, as well as the Hopi, Navajo and others.

Probably the best-known tourist attraction in the state of Arizona is Grand Canyon National Park. The central feature of the park is a giant gorge created by the Colorado River, which is the Grand Canyon itself. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is also considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It covers more than 1.2 million acres of unincorporated land in Mojave and Coconino Counties.

Scottsdale itself is about one-tenth the size of Grand Canyon National Park. The city is renowned for being the most westernized town in the world, and this is reflected in the city’s nickname. Scottsdale stands at an elevation of 1,257 feet above sea level.

The Lutheran Church was founded by the 16th century German monk, Martin Luther, who triggered what became known as the Protestant Reformation. Luther’s view was that man could only be saved by grace through faith, based on what is written in the Bible. The Roman Catholic leadership angrily disputed this view, perhaps unsurprisingly, since it challenged their authority. The Holy Roman Emperor at the time, Charles V, was moved to issue the Edict of Worms (named after the town in Germany where it was promulgated), which denounced Martin Luther as a heretic and scoundrel.

The interesting thing about Lutheranism is its close relationship to the original Christian church as formed by the original Apostles in the early years of the AD. In a nutshell, both good works and faith are important. In order to be saved, an individual must repent for their sinful past, turning their back on sin and striving to life a righteous life as indicated in the Bible.

Without going deeper into Martin Luther’s mind, it is difficult to say which concept is actually “correct.” According to the Bible, God expects there to be men in the leadership and followers are encouraged to respect and obey them. If the leaders turn out to be wrong, God will deal with Himself at a later date. The sticking point with Luther may have been the introduction of material from outside the Bible. It would be fascinating to see the two factions sitting at a table being mediated by the Apostle Paul.

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