Lower Your Blood Pressure At A Tampa Massage Spa

Tampa massage spas are the best way to get your ailments of hypertension or high blood pressure treated through massage. One out of every three adults in the United States is a victim of high blood pressure which equals about 73 million adults. Hypertension also badly affects some two million people under the age of 20 in USA. Arterial aneurysm, arterial hardening, chronic renal failure, eye damage, heart disease, heart attacks, strokes and heart failure are some of the diseases that these people can eventually have. Organ damage is the end result of the people with chronic high blood pressure. Thus, the life expectancy is shortened by high blood pressure.

Pressure exerted on the arteries as they take the blood pumped out by the heart to the tissues and organs throughout the body is referred to as high blood pressure. It is calculated as the systolic pressure over the diastolic pressure. Higher pressure measured as the heart contracts and pumps out blood to the arteries is known as systolic pressure. Lowest pressure measured when the heart relaxes right after the contraction is known as the diastolic pressure. The normal range of a blood pressure lies below 120/80. The pre-hypertension is considered at 139/89 and high at 140/90.

High blood pressure should be detected early so that it can be normalized earlier than the occurrence of any further complication. Usually it is normalized with the help of a few medications and other treatments. Triggers of high blood pressure are emotional tension and stress. Stress reduction therapies recommended for hypertensive patients in Tampa massage spas include meditation, mind-body relaxation techniques, progressive muscle relaxation and biofeedback techniques.

Massage is the most effective way to decrease stress, anxiety, depression and ultimately, lowering blood pressure. This was proven in a study by Touch Research University, Nova Southeastern University and Miami School of Medicine. Thirty hypertensive adults were observed whose blood pressures were controlled in the last six months. They formed two groups. One group was the massage therapy group (Group 1) and another was the progressive relaxation group (Group 2).

Thirty minute massage sessions were given twice a week for five weeks to Group 1. These sessions were mostly done in the morning or afternoon. Self-administered progressive muscle relaxation exercises were taught to Group 2. The routine of their sessions were the same as Group 1. Both the groups were evaluated before and after their massage and progressive muscle treatments, respectively. Current emotions, levels of stress, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, symptoms of depression, hostility and anxiety, urinary cortisol and catecholamines (the amines that affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems) were measured with different techniques.

The results of Group 1 and Group 2 were compared. Both the groups showed lower anxiety levels and depression levels after five weeks of treatment. The massage therapy group, however, was the sure winner that showcased a visible decrease in resting blood pressure levels, lowered levels of depression, anxiety and hostility, and lowering of both salivary and urinary stress hormone levels.

A lot of massage therapy styles can help in lowering your blood pressure. These include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and pregnancy massage which are available at Tampa massage spas in South Tampa.

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