Lower Back Pain Causes: The Info You Want

Are you thinking that if you knew more about lower back pain causes then you may be able to get shot of the pain that you have got and prevent it from making you suffer again? That might be true, so let us take a look at an inventory of possible lower back pain causes.

Pain in the back or lumbar region of the spine (also known as lumbago) is extremely commonplace. In reality it affects around 80% of people eventually in their lives and is thought to be the cause of more sickness absence from work than any other condition.

One of the commonest lower back pain causes is a strain or sprain in the muscles of the back. This type of back pain is usually called non-specific lower back pain and it often goes away without requiring express treatment except for pain medication which may be needed. This sort of pain will typically resolve within 4 weeks, and frequently in much less time than that.

If the strain has been due to a sudden movement, lifting, or other plain event, it regularly causes severe and fast pain that may result in the person having awfully limited movement for a while. Rest is crucial and anti inflammatory medicine may be prescribed to deal with the pain.

In a few cases the cause may not be muscle strain but a herniated disc (a. K. A a ruptured, bulging or slipped disc). This occurs when one of the discs that function as cushions between the bones (the bones of the spine) is pushed out of its common position. This may compress the spinal nerve and the nerves around it, causing pain which is usually accompanied by a feeling like an electrical shock going down the legs, or numbness in the legs.

Rheumatism is another of the common lower back pain causes. Either osteoarthritis of the backbone or rheumatoid arthritis can be a direct cause of lower back pain. People who suffer from rheumatism in other joints eg the hips or knees could also have lower back pain due to irregular techniques of walking to compensate for the joint problem.

There are some conditions that people may have been since adolescence, which only turn into lower back pain causes in later life. These include a difference in the length of the legs, aberrations of the feet, hips or pelvis, and spondylolisthesis (a slipped vertebra).

Besides this there are many other more unusual lower back pain causes. There might be an infection in the spine or an illness like spinal stenosis or deteriorative disk illness.

It is very important to see your physician about dreadful pain, any pain that continues for more time than you are expecting, or pain that's accompanied by other symptoms. Particularly, if you have difficulty going to the loo or insensibility in the genital area, this is going to be an indication of a condition which requires instant treatment as a medical emergency. It is always safer to see a medical expert than to try to work out your possible lower back pain causes by yourself.

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