Low carbohydrate diets

A few years ago my husband and I decided that we both needed to lose a few pounds. I have struggled with my weight my entire life, but my husband has only started to add a few pounds as he reached middle age. I have been on diets with girlfriends and co-workers, but I thought it may be helpful to be on a diet with the person I live with. I thought that this would help keep me focused and on track.

At the time we decided to go on this weight loss quest the rage was low carb diets. We both like protein foods so we decided that we would give this a try. I knew that my husband would not be interested in counting calories or exchanging points that are required in other diets. Eating meats, cheese, eggs and greens seemed like something he could manage easily. We bought a book on low carb diets by Dr Atkins and started our change in live style. The first two weeks on low carb diets, like most diets, is quite restrictive. The one thing I found different with this diet plan however is that I was not hungry. With over diet plans I found that I was watching the clock until I could have my next snack. With low carb diets you can have an extra string cheese stick or peel a boil egg if you are feeling hungry.

In the first month my husband lost twelve pounds and I lost eight. We found that we were feeling good and were very motivated to continue dieting because we were seeing results. Our breakfasts consisted of eggs, poached, boiled or fried. I found some great tasting low carbohydrate tortias that we wrapped our eggs in. For lunch I would have a chef salad with blue cheese dressing and for dinner we would have some type of protein, either fish, beef, pork or chicken and green leafy vegetables as well as cooked green vegetables. We found we liked experimenting with different cheeses that we would have for dessert. In the low carb diets book there were several recipes. I made the low carb cheese cake and we found that we loved it. We also found some flat bread that was low in carbs and very high in fiber. This was great to eat with our dessert cheeses.

Entertaining was not difficult to do when we were on the low carb diets. We would grill steaks and make a huge salad. We bought a variety of cheeses to serve with flat bread and then serve cheese cake for dessert. Our guests had no idea that they were eating our diet foods. After three months my husband reached his goal weight and started adding a few more carbs to his diet. I stayed on the diet six months to reach my goal. We both felt great and looked better.

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