Low calorie diets: 2 reasons they don’t work!

Are you planning to follow a low calorie diet plan in order to lose weight? Because before you do, you should read this article to find out why it’s not going to work!

A lot of people try a certain popular low calorie diet, only to give up after a few weeks when they don’t lose any weight at all. It makes them feel like weight loss is an impossible goal, which it is not at all. They just don’t understand that a low calorie diet is not the right way to do it.

The number one reason why low-calorie diet plans don’t work is: when you eat low-calorie foods, your body basically remains malnourished. You feel sick and tired at all times. Forget about exercises, you don’t have enough energy to complete even your regular activities. All these things happen because your metabolic rate is low!

If you want to be successful at losing weight, you need to remember two things:

1. Calories are not automatically bad. They are just energy; energy that you need to live. If you stopped eating completely, you would die within at most a few months, and would still have plenty of fat on your body. You have to keep calories and nutrients coming in if you want to stay alive, even if you are trying to lose weight.

To lose weight, you don’t want to cut out all your calories – you just want to cut out the bad ones, and replace them with good ones. For instance, broccoli has a lot of good nutrients in it – so calories you get from eating broccoli are good. On the other hand, a burger is full of saturated fats, and so any calories from a burger go straight to your hips!

That is the basic difference! You need to avoid empty calories (that is, junk foods) and embrace negative calorie foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Now negative calorie doesn’t mean that there is no calorie in these foods; it only means that in order to digest themselves, these foods will force your body to burn more calories than what they provide! This results in calorie deficit which will ultimately result in weight loss!

2. The best way to boost your calorie usage, and make your body lose weight, is by building up muscles. Having lots of muscles causes your body to use a lot of calories to keep going, even when you’re not doing anything much. If you concentrate on building up your muscles, you’ll find the fat just melts off. To do this, you need to make sure to exercise plenty, and if possibe work out in the gym as well. Additionally, high protein foods will help you build up your muscles, so eat lots of meat and eggs.

When your body doesn’t have enough calories, you start to lose muscles instead of gaining them. So you need to keep your calories up enough so that you’re not starving, which will let your body keep building muscles, and that will help you to lose fat – more then any amount of lowering calories would have.

The vast majority of low calorie diets will only make you lose water and muscles, while keeping all the fat. You’ll end up even worse off than you were when you started the diet. Even though the scales may be lower, without the muscle, your body will have a lot more fat on it! The only way to stay slim is to keep your muscles up.

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