LOVINGRAW 1: Weight Loss Man Loses 125 lbs

www.lovingraw.com I introduce my story with before and after pictures and a brief bio on how I lost 125lbs and change my life with raw foods. To date I have lost nearly 200 lbs with the raw food lifestyle! More videos to come so stay tuned and subscribe on my YouTube page and on my website lovingraw.com! Filmed 9/24/07

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  1. BeenBroughin says:

    You are a delightful Spirit as well as an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to create and share this video. May you continue to SHINE!

  2. Great job, and just think, this wasn’t even a low fat and/or vegan diet.

  3. kbinstantkarma says:

    Love it love it love it…beautiful.

  4. jupiterinmotion says:

    Your eyes are so dreamy!

  5. RebeccaFS1982 says:

    Great job! You look awesome!

  6. ketrapekky says:

    what a beautiful man was going to waste wt the weight…. im going for raw.
    thank you thank you..

  7. bellaboo1987x says:

    hiya i just wanna say wow. U have done soo well. I am realli overweight too and u r inspiring. U r gorgeous x bella x

  8. LovingRaw says:

    It slowed at 200… then I chose to add in weights.

  9. I just signed up for your e-mail updates from your website. I’m ready to learn and chnage.

    BTW, did your weight plateau after a period of time and you had to increase exercise/cardio workout…or did it keep going down to a healthy level as you continued to eat raw foods?

  10. feltingme says:

    Did the skin stretched back to normal after weight loss or did you have to have surgery for that?

  11. LovingRaw says:

    I either have salad… or go to a raw restaurant. : )

  12. hillfreaky says:

    what do u do when you go out to eat ?

  13. AndreaElizabeth100 says:

    Do you have to eat for your ‘metabolic’ type??

  14. meetzorak says:

    Hi Phil, im interested in going raw i weigh about 350 lbs, and im 6’6″ im 22 and have high blood pressure the idea of me dying at 30 from obesity doesn’t sit with me very well either, do you have any personal tips you could send me?


  15. cellulitelove says:

    online! Just search it on the web. ebay is great too.

  16. LovingRaw says:

    22lbs, your in the home stretch! Maybe cut down a bit on the nuts and seeds and fat. Increase exercise a bit. A colonic will generally help with the fog. Once you get the junk out, you will feel much better and energetic. I would book a colonic today.

  17. NeedMoreWater says:

    Thank you so much for replying. I would like to lose 22 lbs or more! I did like you did, I just switched one day from “normal” foods to 100% raw the next day, and stayed 100% raw after that. I have’nt tried a colonic. I have’nt been drinking a lot of green juice. I’ve been eating vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits. Do one have to be on a special detox to lose weight or in the beginning? And how do I get energy? I feel like I’m just walking around in a fog, and it won’t clear up.. I’m stuck.

  18. JustasIam147 says:

    the food is beautiful do u have recipes?

  19. LovingRaw says:

    How much do you have want to lose? Have you tried a colonic? Are you drinking green juice?

  20. NeedMoreWater says:

    Philip, please help me.. I have been 100% raw for three weeks now, and nothing has changed. I’m still as fat as I was before, still have absolutely no energy, still the same since before I started the raw foodism.

    Seems like everyone else is successfull but I can’t seem to feel any different than before. Will I ever lose weight and have energy? I’m so depressed every day, it feels so hopeless.. Please help me.

    🙁 I’m desperate..

  21. shania1101 says:

    i have a question where can i buy most of the unusual raw foods?

  22. Chocomoca1 says:

    wow great video. You look great! I’m glad raw foods worked for you.

  23. how do you go raw vegan on a budget….? i am vegan. I eat raw now anf then and feel alot better help please

  24. lanavajadeoccam says:

    Hey Philip, let me say that you’re a big inspiration to people who wants to have a better life loosing weight and I would like to ask you something. Did you play any sport, or did you make some excercises in your “year and 4 month eating raw food”?. I mean, we know that after loosing many pounds our body changes, and I think eating good is not enough. THANKS for sharing your life experiences!! And I will start right now with your advices, take care, and thank you again.

  25. gredennia says:

    handsome either way 🙂

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