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OK, so we know tummy fat is BAD but how can we dump it? I can just tell you what I attempted and what did and failed to work. First off, I want to reveal why abdominal fat is different to other kinds and why it’s so vital to comprehend the muscular structure so you can exercise it away. I learned that when it comes to love handles diet alone isn’t really enough. Stomach exercises are absolutely crucial but it has to be the right kind of exercise.

When you picture the muscles around your belly you have to think corset. That’s right – the old skool kind that holds everything in! Those muscles form a band that reaches from your back right across and over your belly. When they’re taut and toned then your belly is flat. When they’re stretched flabby ( as an example thru birth ) then everything hangs out. The main muscles you want to think about are rectus abdominis (these stretch down the front of your stomach ), transversus abdominis ( the deepest muscle stretching across your belly ) and your obliques ( especially crucial for getting rid of love handles).

Learning how to exercise these muscles isn’t really enough to guarantee a flat stomach. You’ve got to learn to exercise them in the best way. That suggests not only toning your stomach but burning abdominal fat at the same time. This I discovered was the key to finally getting rid of my time. This I learned was that I didn’t have time for the gym or long workouts. With two youngsters I had to find something that worked in just a day. For more about this visit: had to find something that would get the fat off and keep it off. So I was no easy customer – this was my body, my health and happiness! If I am fair with you, this was also my relationship. It wasn’t that Mike said anything or treated me any differently. I knew he loved me the way I was. The trouble was, I didn’t love me. I felt so bad about myself and that influenced everything between us. I failed to would like him to look at me let alone touch me. You know what I’m saying?

I attempted Pilates and a handful of other exercise programs but none of them really worked for me and that was because they weren’t burning fat as well as toning it. When I found a program that did both, I gradually started to feel happier about my body image. It helped that when I finally discovered something that suited me the tummy fat began were never burning fat As that was the main problem area it gave my confidence it gave my confidence a program That confidence in turn pushed me to challenge my body and build up to more sophisticated programs.

That’s the other tip I have for you – don’t get complacent. Don’t think that just because you’ve lost some the rest of the weight will just fall off. This is especially true for love handles which are way more stubborn than other categories of excess fat. You must to keep at it, keep going and I have for you will see amazing results!

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Cathy Kendrick is an educator and mother of two. She learned all about exercise the hard way when she could not get rid of her baby fat. Now she is passionate about sharing all she has learned.

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