Losing Weight The Hard Way – Weigh-In #64 (Check-In)

This week is blah blah blah… so I have Jason along for entertainment value. WeightLossLosers (WLL)!! www.youtube.com JOIN THE FUN! ——- Basically, these last two weeks I have been: 1. eating processed foods 2. eating out 3. eating maintain-weight calories or sometimes (eep!) higher 4. drinking a lot 5. not working out 6. letting my emotions dictate my eating WAY TO FAIL AT MAINTAINING 🙁 Needless to say, I feel pretty useless. My brain is always going 100 directions at once and I need …

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  1. just Drink a lot of green tea iced u be good i use to be 265lbs & now im 220bls in 5weeks

  2. JestingJill says:

    Yall are too cute, strange, but cute. Keep working it!

  3. MissModelesque says:

    Your body looks amazing! *jealous*

  4. julia86sed says:

    I never said anything about him not being a nice person. It was very hard to watch the video because he was interrupting every time she would try to say two words.

  5. look at jason! he is so cute! keep being yourself and you better NOT change because of these stupid “haters”. if jason was not in the videos, people will find something else to HATE about, i am sure of it.

  6. so whatt! its “his and ashanti’s” video, not yours!! like she said you dont like it, dont watch!

  7. i hope you watched ashanti’s video today.

  8. CocoaPinkUk says:

    Jason has a husband… o_O

  9. juniperfrost says:

    JASON HAS A HUSBAND, people. JEEZ! Stop saying that he has a crush on her or that she’s using him. what the f? leave them alone and either DON’T COMMENT, or say THANK YOU for such an amazing long-term commitment to the youtube community. Well, I’ll say thank you. you two ROCK.

  10. fornow100000 says:

    Jason didnt bother me. He was ok in this video. HOwever I think he has a crash on u. And I can see you know that and u are using him. Admit it ..just a little you are :). Unless you are bf/ gf. Anyways…my goal is 125 pounds. I m at 160 now & cant stop comfort foods. It hard to eat raw. My body is used to 2500-3000 cal/day. I feel hungry if I eat less 🙁

  11. tootifrooti1101 says:

    I’ve heard that sometimes your body will try to maintain where it feels the healthiest. So maybe if your jumping around 150s- 160s and you continuously crave food, or cannot keep it off easily– that its your body’s way of saying this is where I’m comfortable? i dont know– food for thought?

  12. babyphatgurlee says:

    Yeah i dont get why everyone hated him hes hilarious! 😛

  13. theallnaturalme says:

    I think I did raw wrong. I don’t have a juicer (yet) and fear I’m not getting all my nutrients as is, which is unfortunate. I noticed my lips became incredibly dry… which I found out was a B2 deficiency (riboflavin). So back to dairy! 🙁

    Good luck with this week. I’ve been bouncing around too.

  14. TheLunarbug says:

    jason rocks xx

  15. valerieluvamador says:

    Ah! um. I wish I was able to go to the gym. I have a membership, I just dont like gooing alone.

  16. tbossbone says:

    I can chime in on this too — with stretch marks you want to look for 2 things….

    Mainly, what color are they?

    If they’re purple in color, they can be fixed with applications of coco butter…

    Unfortunately if they’re white in color, there’s not much you can do…

  17. prueslove says:

    Jason’s so cute and fun- I love when he’s in the vids!

  18. meganmyra says:

    Why would anyone hate on him? He’s cute funny and he makesyou laugh. 😀 i like him. <33 you look fantastic.

  19. Shanti, you look amazing! Jason looks awesome too! You both are the awesomeness, fantastic duo 🙂

  20. Jason is great 🙂 shut up haters and go look at a video that you do wanna see.

  21. finneyfaery says:

    having the same problem myself.. that’s why i decided to take a few steps back. i enjoy being raw, but i was acting like i “HAD to be 100% or else”.. no one should have to live like that. you should be able to ENJOY everything you do..as much as possible. so i just started to juice in the morning, have fruit throughout and then have lunch, which is mostly raw and then fruit and whatever for dinner. but within reason. it’s pretty much all raw still, but i am not as strict. needs to be gradual..

  22. numberonedefender says:

    jason. is. ADORABLE. and you too, pretty girl 🙂

  23. msixpackabs says:

    Was talking about H4H (darn YT)

  24. msixpackabs says:

    Yeah Shanti…be fair…you’ve made a promise.

  25. alesandrah says:

    omg i laught so hard of jason hi is soo funny and cute!!!! <3 hehe. Jason i want u as my friend!! 😛

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