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  1. vanezzy81 says:


  2. vanezzy81 says:

    Yes moderation is the way to go. I have a banana a day for breakfast, today I had two. It fills me up for a while:) I been craveing them this week. I usually eat like 4 bananas a year and now they are like my faves for the moment:) Take care!

  3. starkiss22 says:

    I consider them…battle scars. That was so funny! I just ran across your channel and I really like your approach, communication, and knowledge. I’ve been puitting off my weightloss everyday for like 2-3 weeks and I think this will finally push me to start. Thank you.

  4. akdixiepixie says:

    hehe you said runny poop. that makes me giggle. great videos. you are looking wonderful.(lucky)

  5. I’m really glad that you are doing so well on the raw food diet! Keep up the great work:) I just wanted to say that while I completly love that you are getting the whole raw concept out there, I do think you should stress the importance of doing the right thing for your body. I did great on the diet for a while, but realized it wasn’t for me. I then looked into Metabolic Typing and found the perfect diet and I feel so much better! OH and if you ever venture to Las Vegas go to Go Raw Cafe!

  6. And acts as scrubbers in your intestines;)

  7. I’ve never noticed that you have stretch marks- ignore the bitchy comments, it all stems from jelousy!

  8. Imskinnyinside says:

    You said “the only thing that fiber does is slow up digestion”. Fiber also lowers your cholesterol…very important!

  9. So… why the towel??

  10. MiraculousMoments says:

    I sent you a Private Message on July 27th and was wondering if you got it. πŸ™‚

    Also, I’m finding it hard to eat the same old food over and over again. Do you have any idea on how to make food more interesting and appealing to eat?

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

    You’re looking great by the way!


  11. peachypink604 says:

    Applying 100% pure vitamin E oil is supposed to help. Of course doing this on “younger” scars would get the most results. And some swear it’s even better than the fancy brand names.

  12. factorychip says:

    Great.. video.. also stretch marks.. girilfriend you have the best attitude plus your beautiful and nothing is going to change that ever. i mean come on you cann’t mess up that kind of beauty okay.. your gogerous

  13. heyimskye says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I thought the way you handled the stretchmarks comment was extremely graceful πŸ™‚ You’re doing amazing! And you’re definitely an inspiration!

  14. mkaypittsburghchamps says:

    i knoww haha i have stretch marks
    not major ones but its just from growing and stuff

  15. MissModelesque says:

    * Not that you aren’t motivational… you really, really are! However, I’m just having difficulties getting it together. πŸ™ And I’m feeling like, at which point will I get tired of this and actually be determined and set on losing weight?! I’ve been wanting to lose weight for the past year Shanti! πŸ™ It makes me feel awful… but it just isn’t “clicking” in my brain, you know?

  16. MissModelesque says:

    I wish I can be as determined as you are. I’m totally lacking the motivation. πŸ™

  17. twistedslip1 says:

    If I had strech marks , I would call them tiger stripes .
    It sounds sexy and would make me more comfortable with them , I think.

  18. JessNJRod says:

    Wohhooo 4 Battlescars =D Love ya Shanti !

  19. doilooklikeaslutt says:

    stretch marks are so normal, so many women have them, including young girls. don’t worry about what people have to say.. they’re just ignorant. keep your head high and good luck with your goal!!

  20. julia86sed says:

    Great video Shanti! Very helpful!

  21. xodorianleexo says:

    Holy Hell, the same thing happened to me, but on South Beach…. I lost 15 pounds in two weeks, then went to “phase 2” and introduced fruit and bread back in, then gained 30 pounds within a few months!!!

  22. hawaii8087 says:

    my mother called stretch marks ‘experience marks’

    she said if a woman lived her life without any, she must have had no life at all πŸ˜›

    Shanti i started going raw too!
    I do eat one meal tho everyday and i haven’t started the ‘rules’ that are in the raw detox book but so far i am really enjoying it. It really hasn’t been hard.

    and it hasn’t been too expensive either. hooray! πŸ™‚

  23. Yay Battlescars.
    I have them too.
    I’m starting to go on lifestyle change, which is hard because I live in South Asian Family, where everything is just fat filled. I’ve lost some weight, but once college starts up again It’ll be easier, since I’m have my own fridge in my studio space that I can stock up with fruits. =)

  24. weightlossjourney says:

    Yep, battlescars…that’s what they are!

  25. underground24020 says:

    Let’s say you pop open that towel and gimme a look see

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