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So many reasons exist as to the use of a clinic Tinley Park. So you need a physical for the beginning of the school year for your children, or just cannot afford a regular appointment, these locations can help you out. Here are a few things you should want to keep in your mind.

When visiting a location, you need to take insurance cards with you. If you don’t have insurance, take all the tax information and proof of your income for each adult in the house as well as identification. You could qualify for a sliding scale payment program based on your income.

Each doctor or nurse on the premises can help with an illness, injury or just about all situations that do not include emergencies. This would include shots, women’s health, annual exams, prenatal visits, diabetes management, birth control and prescribing prescriptions.

You will need to make an appointment at just about all locations. There are certain times where having a walk in appointment can be beneficial as well. To get one, you have to be a current patient. So it is wise to call ahead and ask about appointment availability and what is required to become a new patient.

There is a copay required for all patients to be seen, and if you do not have this at the time of your appointment normally it can be billed to you. However, for some types of appointments it is required to be paid before you can be seen. You should inquire about this when making your appointment.

Your medical needs can be taken care of through the clinic Tinley Park. If you have shingles, your child is ill or you just need booster shots, these pros can help get you going in the right direction. For details on the payment options available to you, call the location you are going to visit and ask what all is required.

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