Living Life Better By Being Inspired

Inspiration is derived from the Latin word ‘inspiratus’ and inspirations are stimulating and elevating influences on the emotions or the intellect of an individual. In certain cases, the inspiration could even be a mystical influence or a divine influence, which prophets and apostles receive by the grace of a supernatural power. When such divine influence impacts an individual, that person would be able to receive divine truth and communicate it to others through speeches or writings.

Usually, any inspiration would normally result in a unique creative output and it could be in any field, such as literature, music, painting, sculpture, or other types of artistic endeavors. This concept has its origins in Hebraism and Hellenism. Greeks and Jews believed that it is always a matter of divine influence.

It is not enough that you remain inspired as a leader but you should spread it to all the stakeholders related to your organization. Spreading the art of inspiration is critical for success in business. You should teach the managers about practicing inspiring behaviors and also engage your employees to become brand ambassadors in inspiring each one, enhancing collaboration.

You should also embed, inculcate, and reinforce various types of inspiring behaviors as well as practices that would drive your business outcome to cater to the best interest of all your stakeholders. You should design, plan, lead, and deliver customized solutions and conduct experimental learning workshops or facilitations and other events that would work in harmony to activate inspiration within your organization.

You could also inspire your customers and other external stakeholders such as creditors, debtors, vendors, and others related to your business, as well as all the community members where you conduct your business. This could be through contests, live or face-to-face virtual events, simulations, games, and other social activities in which they could participate on a regular basis. The inspiration that they would get through these types of activities would help build your brand name and company prestige.

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