Little Know Marijuana Long Term and Short Term Effects

Marijuana can pose a great health hazard that can be discussed under long term and short term effects. The short term effects of smoking marijuana don’t last for more than a few hours but the long term effects can have a disastrous effect on the different parts of your body. There are various reports that claim a definite link between marijuana smoking and problems pertaining to pregnancy. Read on to know more about the two kinds of effects that marijuana can have on the user, irrespective of whether it be a regular smoker or just a recreational one.

Short Term effects of Marijuana

A user’s perception, memory, and speaking abilities become impaired. There is often paranoia associated with strong panic or anxiety attacks are common.It’s not unusual to experience a dry throat accompanied with bloodshot eyes. There is also an increased risk of heart attack are some of the physical marijuana side effects. Some users have developed psychological dependence even in the short term. Many user’s inhibitions are lowered with reports of doing things under the influence of cannabis they would not attempt normally.

Long Term Effects of Marijuana

Many users reported an increase in respiratory problems with increased infections in the lungs from a weakened immune system. The immune deficiency climbs and the risk of cancer in the respiratory system skyrockets due to the exposure of THC. Frequent memory loss is common. Cannabis changes the testosterone levels in men and woman differently. Women may experience an increased testosterone level increasing the risk of infertility. Men experience a drop in testosterone, and develop “man boobs”. Both men and women find a decrease in the enjoyment of sex.

While some marijuana side effects will differ from person to person, the marijuana symptoms listed above are common among most users. All of the long term effects are not known, however, a California study of 450 marijuana users who did not smoke tobacco reported some disturbing findings.

The users claimed more sick days from work for their respiratory and other illnesses than non smokers. The cancer rate of the group was also much higher than normal. This is because of the heightened cancer dangers of THC, the main component of weed. The cancer threat of smoking cannabis is approximately four times greater than smoking the same number of cigarettes. The cancer causing agents in five joints equal that in a full pack of cigarettes (20).

In the end it’s up to the individual to choose to smoke marijuana as many recreational users claim to be free of any long term effects caused by smoking it. But it would definitely be advisable to think about the above repercussions before smoking marijuana.

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