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  1. Woooww that girl is animal! haha loved it!

  2. never seen shrugs like that before..looks like a partial upright row..

  3. pats14fann01 says:

    Here he is…. the workout from 3:11-6:37!!! The back workout he does is a killer!!! I try to do the same way in some capacity to develop my back. The COBRA look that Lee has I try to develop every time I hit the weights…. it helps when I swim too.

  4. amateur, keep your head up, haha, nice one haney, thanks for the vid

  5. rantanen1 says:

    erm… no your muscles do not need 3 days to rest..

    and nor will you use ur wrists every single day..

    the reason people use straps is simply cos not that many people specificly TRAIN grip strength and therefore his or her fingers will give up before the muscles that are being trained… sure some people have crazy grip strength but bodybuilders dont need it.

  6. rantanen1 says:

    There clearly is a reason O.o

    You see, theyre meant to look big and good on stage, like MOPrtashit said, it doesnt matter AT ALL how much they can lift or how they train as long as they look good on stage..

    Same thing applies to powerlifting (cept the competitions where ure not allowed to use straps).. strongman training does require grip strength tho, but bodybuilding doesnt.

  7. steroidsR4losers says:

  8. 123bomag123 says:

    Muscles need much time to grow. So you train – then the muscle needs 3 days or more to rest. If the trained muscle does not rest enough, it can get stronger, but it will not grow.

    Thats the reason for training different muscles at different days. So every trained muscle can rest while you train other muscles.

    So… You need your grip in nearly every exercise. So the muscles of the lower arms cant grow. But they have to, if you want to be a successfull bodybuilder. So you use that “help”.

  9. MOPrthashit says:

    thats a retarded saying when applied to bodybuilding. on stage it doesnt matter what u do in the gym. all that matters is how u look. and plus many great bbers use straps because their forearms will give out before their backs do which is y they use em. in arnolds day they rarely used straps i believe.

  10. supermario103 says:

    I understand the mentality behind wrist straps, but I must say that I don’t agree with them. These professional bodybuilders can squat 600lbs, bench press 400lbs, and bicep curl 150lbs – yet they can’t grip the weight without assistance.

    There is no reason why the forearms and fingers can’t be as strong as other muscles in the body.

    Like we used to say in wrestling practice: “if you can’t grip it, you can’t lift it.”

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