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  1. maddoggdave2 says:

    na m8 ya dont wanna do em together

  2. Its better to do biceps and triceps on the same day, without chest, because chest indirectly stimulates triceps and biceps.

  3. worldchampeen says:

    dude you can do bicept with chest,then the next day do legs,then do back and tricept you will find the arm stronger then doing tricept on chest day,or bicept on back day.

  4. Ghettoishere says:

    they are called reverse upright row… they are not simple behind the back shrugs.. tomorrow i will try reverse upright row

  5. can i just ask, has anyone ever tried doing barbell shrugs like that? :S im tempted to try it, but just want to know if anyone else has any success from doing them that way?

  6. steroidsR4losers says:

  7. if you mean BP as in bench presses. yes its ok. as long as you arent bench pressing one day and then the next day working tricep. you would then be interrupting the recovery of your triceps. lots of people train chest and tricep in one day. personally i make a whole day for chest. and then another day ill do bicep and tricep just because i want to be able to attack my triceps and biceps with full exertion. i dont want my triceps to be sore after chest workouts and have to work with sore triceps.

  8. Rakimdash says:

    Can Some1 who knows Please Tell Me If Its Ok 2 Work Triceps N do BP Exercise Same Day Cause i hear Different Answers Everytime. I once heard these two should b 2dayz apart.

  9. pats14fann01 says:

    The way Lee shows how to place the dumbbells on the thighs b4 and after chest exercises are very true. I use that technique and NOT tear out my chest off my shoulders!!! Safety has to used in all these exercises…. I never wanna mess up with what I got in the gym. Leave the ego at home!!!

  10. steroidsR4losers says:

  11. yea…and he has charisma and you can see he wants it when he trains…

  12. Lol I thought it was…. Jesus.

  13. bigtomw87 says:

    i agree with you good personalty for promoting but no need to lie

  14. haney made weider wealthy….. just like arnold did. haney is a stellar human being. why hate on such a terrific person. class act all the way. you need to quit with the negative comments.

  15. gnumannen says:


  16. is that steve erkel in there? at 4:47

  17. wow r u serious fuck weider. but who are you to talk about haney

  18. One should never twist the wrist in dumbbell flyes. I was taught on my instructors course as this is dangerous on the coraco-brachialis. Great video apart from that.

  19. mauser310 says:

    why do you post all these comments on every haney video… why all this hate… whats your problem everybody has his weak points like haney too but he had also some strong ones

  20. gmlorusso says:

    Haney : Nothing but a fraud, a puppet for Joe Weider…

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