Learning How to Handle Loneliness

Loneliness is an epidemic nowadays. In spite of the proven fact that communication hasn’t ever been quicker, easier or so available, more people suffer with loneliness than ever before. The compendium outlines loneliness, in part, as a condition of privacy or seclusion but it is no secret to a lonesome person that simply because you have people around doesn’t mean you still will not experience loneliness. Looking for methods of how to cope with loneliness is a pursuit of many most of whom live in busy towns, encircled by people throughout their day. Loneliness is a serious problem result in major consequences for some.

Loneliness is no respecter of people. Married folks can be just as lonesome as those who are single and Hollywood film stars, with millions of loving fans, when they are truthful, experience terrible loneliness sometimes. Obviously, the key to beating loneliness isn’t just being around others or knowing plenty of folks. The key to overcoming or dealing with loneliness is really connecting with somebody else on a heart level. This in no way has to be on a charming level, though when that occurs it creates a very special connection. But many people wrongly accept that a passionate relationship is the ticket to a lifetime journey where loneliness won’t be an issue for them. As a result, focusing on that sort of a relationship is where they put all their time and energy, regularly at the cost of other possibly fulfilling and significant relationships.

Part of God’s desire for us, when He made us, was to enjoy an intimacy with Him; meaning He never intended for us to experience loneliness in our lives either. His plan from the beginning was for us to be one with Him, i.e. Connecting with The Lord God on a heart level, leaving no room for empty longings or aching hearts.

I encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary gift, “God’s Answer?” It will show in detail how to live life through a power which will change your life. This journey of yours is not about your skills or abilities or anything you can do to change your life. It is about permitting the power of Our Lord God to radically change you.

How many years have each of us struggled to alter our trail by our own talents and abilities, to find we fail or fall short the majority of the time. I had been a Christian for a number of years. I had taught, preached, and traveled to very perilous places to spread God’s Word; yet, I continue to lacked the liberty and the transformation God had planned for me.

I encourage you to pay close total attention to the information in “God’s Answer?” As you do, you’ll see that God, in His perfect timing is waiting to take you on a journey that will be outside your wildest imagination.

Is a Breakthrough Actually Possible?

Absolutely! I’ve seen it in my life, witnessed it in the lives of others and know for sure that God’s Word announces His power to save, transform and empower us is available to all who ask and believe.

“God’s Answer?” The Power To Change Your Life!

Burton Rager author of “Living Life Set Free” and “God’s Answer?” Click to learn how to cope with loneliness and receive a complimentary copy of “God’s Answer?”

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