Learning How To Refrain From Delaying And Start Doing

A common human trait is to procrastinate. We all do it, admit it, it is one of those things that everyone is guilt off every now and then.

The problem is that in procrastinating we are not only not doing what we had said we would, we are actually creating tension and anxiety. This stress can spread beyond you to encompass others, from people working on the same project as well as loved ones.

Sometimes a person will find reasons to procrastinate a particularly difficult task. They might suddenly become very busy on other tasks, and convince themselves that they just don’t have enough time to devote to the task they are avoiding. The end result of this type of behavior is excessive worry, plus the inability to focus properly on the tasks that are being worked on.

The best way to break this cycle of delay and procrastination is to make yourself a list every day. By doing this, you can work out what needs to be done, how important each job is, and whether it has to be done on that particular day.

Once something is completed, you cross it off the list. This small little process can actually motivate you in quite a big way. You will feel excited and enthused every time you cross another item off your list.

Or, if the task before you is mammoth, you could devote a twenty minute spell to at least begin it. The trick here is starting one of the most horrible bits. After you have begun, it could be that the rest of the job doesn’t seem quite as bad.

Sometimes projects may seem bigger than what they actually are. If this occurs, it is easy to put it off, but instead, you should acknowledge that you are doing this. Don’t allow it to happen, break this big project into multiple smaller ones, and complete each of them individually.

Many people find that if they start their day by completing a few small tasks on their “to do” list, they become motivated for the entire day. This can be a great way of putting and end to procrastination so that you can get more done in your life.

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