Learning About Controlling Stress

All of us get stressed every once in awhile. Certainly, to be human is to encounter stress occasionally. But stress occurs in lots of different forms and to be ready to control stress we have to first understand what “stress” is.

Though the experience of stress might have been part of being human since the very beginning, the expression “stress” itself didn’t turn up in psychological and biological use prior to the 1930s when it was utilised in a describing an emotional reply to an outside stimulus.

Put differently, the phrase “Stress” is employed to name the mental and real reactions to an outside stimulus, or “stressor”. This may be either real, or they could be imagined nevertheless the outcome in any case is a activation of the longstanding “flight or fight” impulse. The stressors which affect us temporarily are called “acute” while those which remain and act spanning a extended term are referred to as “chronic”.

There are signals that both acute and chronic stressors cause. These are a few of the more frequent:

• Inadequate judgment

• Unnecessary worrying

• Feeling of remoteness

• Eating too much or not enough

• Social disengagement

• Rapid heart rhythm

• A sick stomach

The list keeps going however, these are adequate to help make the point that, if left unattended, stress could be quite damaging both emotionally and physically.

Chronic stress (over the long term) is capable of substantially influencing a number of the body’s natural defense immune systems. Adjustments to exactly how the immune system replies to hazards can raise susceptibility to disease and infection.

Chronic stress has been demonstrated to restrict developmental growth in young people by decreasing the pituitary glands creation of growth hormones.

Also, it is important to know that a stressor does not need to be negative to have a negative effect. Some positive things that happen in life but can also be considered stressors are:

• becoming engaged

• Getting married

• Birth of a Child

• purchasing a house

• Realization of a goal (such as getting a promotion at work)

In spite of the constructive and joyful aspect of these incidents, both the body as well as the mind will react similarly to positive stress as it does to negative stress.

Whether or not a stressor is good or bad it needs to be managed.

There are lots of stress management methods and they all make an effort to teach someone successful coping methods which can be used in working with psychological stress. A few of the more efficient strategies to handling stress without relying on prescription drugs are:

• Managing the stress source

• learning to protect your time by saying “no” to some demands

• taking part in a leisure activity (golf, fishing, etc.)

• meditating

The point to take is that stress is a normal part of the human condition and that its effects can be reduced without resorting to time consuming therapy or prescription medications.

Additional techniques successful to manage stress, handling worry, and sleep treatments are discussed at Control Stress. The web site is refreshed with new information often so check back every once in awhile to get more reliable information and real life suggestions about coping with stress and anxiety.

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