Learn Why He Is In A Rebound And How You Can Bring Him Back To You

I suppose you are here because you want to find out how to get your ex back? Losing the man you love to another girl must be the most awful feeling in the world. The tremendous feelings of anger, betrayal, pain, jealousy and low self-esteem are just dreadful. These feelings are common, I know because I’ve experienced it first hand. But this doesn’t necessarily mean the end! Should you play your cards right, you’ll hopefully be amongst the 90% of people who work out how to turn this situation around.

You truly should not just go into this blindly; it’s your future we’re talking about, you have to get it right first time.

The first thing to avoid is resort to screaming or shouting abusive language, however much you happen to be hurting. I know it’s difficult but you need to get over this stage before you can do anything else otherwise you are just going to make yourself look foolish. Whatever you do, never resort to sobbing or begging; don’t forget you are a lady, have some respect for yourself and if he did take you back out of pity, your relationship wouldn’t last a minute. And whatever you do, don’t turn to pleading; hold your head up, don’t let him believe that you’re needy or insecure, it is very unattractive.

Of course it may seem impossible but you must try to accept that your relationship is now over, at least for the moment and give your ex some breathing space. You should apologize if you were to blame, wish him well and then leave him alone. Please don’t spend the next few weeks, harassing him or following him, that will give him the impression of a needy, desperate woman; this is very unattractive.

What ever you do, don’t talk detrimentally about your ex or his new girlfriend behind his back; not to anyone, it will get back to him, that’s for sure, and you don’t want to make him protective towards his new girlfriend. It may go against your inner intuition but instead, try to be supportive of his new relationship, keep any jealousy or insecurities to yourself.

After a set length of time you will need to little by little start making friends with your ex again, not on a romantic level. You’re aiming to become a good friend and confidante. Don’t refer to his new girlfriend but when he brings the subject up aim to remain neutral that way he’ll feel he can trust you again and you’ll be the first one he will turn to when his new relationship starts to falter.

One more thing you will need to do is to rekindle his lost desires for you. Throw your mind back to when you first met. Can you remember what attracted him to you in the first place? Was it your looks, your cool attitude, or your sweet smile? Whatever it was, you need to find it again and after that discover how to become truly irresistible!

Getting your ex back is certainly not impossible, you just need some clever strategies. If you’re absolutely certain he is the one for you then it’s actually worth learning these strategies. If you make sure that you follow the proven advice, you’ll soon have your ex back in your arms.

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