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Did you know you can learn how to sing using karaoke backing tracks? You can you know. In fact for most of us it’s not really a case of learning how to sing so much as learning how to listen.We all can make noises quite naturally from low end grunting type noise to high end squealy type noises. Well these noises, combined with the manipulation of your body’s muscles to produce different tones are the real fundamentals of being able to sing. The use of backing tracks could be considered a tool to help you learn to control these sounds that will come from you eventually.

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This article is not intended to describe the idea of producing different tones but rather to help you to use karaoke backing tracks as a tool and will focus on that aspect.Backing tracks offer a very specific advantage that scale training does not offer. Using tracks you sing an actual song and not just a bunch of different notes. Don’t get me wrong, singing scales are great way to warm up and help increase you range but to be honest I’ve always found that when it come’s to singing a real song, there’s always something different about hitting the high notes than there is doing scale training.

I actually found that my singing ability began to improve almost immediately. And like the website promised I was singing at a professional level within just three months. I went from not even being able to sing in tune to being able to sing perfectly in key and with great power and range in my voice. I went from having no confidence to a lot of confidence. I know I can sing now, and it’s a great feeling! I would just love to run into that vocal coach that told me I couldn’t learn and tell them the truth: Yes, I can (and did) learn to sing, it’s you that failed your job.

The next thing to look for will be the specific features of the product which will usually be mentioned on the website. You will also find information on what can be achieved through the use of the software. Some of the more expensive products will include microphones and other features which can be used for recording your performance. While other products, usually ones which have a membership program will also offer access to singing related forums.Many software programs will also allow you to monitor whether your voice is in tune with the music. Some may also incorporate a feature where the software has a user interface which displays the pitch, tone and tune of the singer’s voice and these aspects are analyzed to give an automatic feedback. It is also possible for the singer to watch his/her progress because the music and the voice are displayed on screen so when a mistake is made the singer can stop and correct him/herself.

Sing along to your tracks and get a feel for where the changes are and learn to anticipate them. You won’t have to go through a song like this too many times before you realize that you are getting to know how the song really goes. Finally, record yourself singing the song and then compare it to the original to critique it a little bit at a time. Did you go high or low enough on the last phrase? Did you hold the note long enough? Too long maybe? Are you able to hit the highest or lowest notes? You can cheat a little by singing an octave higher or lower on that particular note or phrase.

Learning singing online through singing software is an ideal way for beginners to start their singing lessons and develop their singing skills without spending too much money. The lessons are as potent as going to the more expensive private singing lessons.Singing is truly one of the purest forms of expression, and I do believe that people, young or old, trained or not can sing. If you have the vocal chords and the diaphragm and you can speak, then you can sing!

We make the same sounds on a daily basis: “Hi Bob!” (someone shouting across the park);”Ouch!” (an unfortunate Bandaid incident); “Mom!?” (a child yelling through the house). All of these every day noises are applicable to singing. All of the muscles we use on a daily basis are applicable to singing: laughing muscles, shouting muscles, breathing the air in and out through your lungs, our jaw and mouth muscles. They all are there and ready to go! All one has to do is think of extending the tone. Take a big breath and say, “Baaaaaaahb” (Bob, extended) and move your tone of voice up and down as if in a question–then in a statement–then an admonition.

All we really have to do is to become more aware of those muscles that we use on a daily basis when we speak, talk, laugh, breathe, cough and so many other things. Then we will be able to start controlling those muscles and using them to sing, and to sing with confidence.The most unfortunate thing in the world is when someone has been told to stop singing because they have been told they are tone deaf. There may be a few who really can’t, but I think most aren’t given the chance to learn how easy it is. And of course, the moment someone is put down about his or her own most vulnerable part of human expression, that person is loathe to do it again, especially in front of anyone!

Personalize the Song.You must never underestimate the importance of making a song your own, whether it relates to your life or not. No one wants to watch you stand there and recite a song. Your audience wants to connect with you and believe that you mean the song you are singing. This is what will make you memorable.

Also pay attention to your own voice when you are in natural situations. You will find that you can make more singing sounds than you thought. Every single inflection of every day speech can be utilized, sustained, and made into beautiful song. All you have to do is know that you have all of your tools already.To sing is as ancient as our language and our ability to speak. We have been singing our stories for tens of thousands of years, and no one should be told not to.It is part of the soul, part of the language of the universe. Whether it be in a shower, on a mountaintop, in the privacy of your sacred garden, with a collection of like-minded singers, in your church, in your school, out at sea at night sailing under the stars, or anywhere you can imagine…just sing and all of the ether will vibrate with you.

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