Learn How Marketers Get More Facebook Fans

Facebook is a very important social networking site for you and your business. People use fan pages to promote everything, from products, albums, books, movies, services, or blogs. Making a fan page is way to gain more interest and share the latest news about you, your products, and business. This article is a step by step guide to get more Facebook fans.

Before you gain fans, you need to have a fan page. You can start creating a fan page by using the Create a Page for My Business link. Choose Official Page. Click the box when you are asked if you are the official representative for your page to be able to represent your business. You need to choose the name for your page carefully since you cannot change it later on.

When someone sees your page, the first thing he or she sees is the profile picture and the short bio on the top left corner of the page. Your photo must stands our and represent your products, blogs, services, or anything about your fan page. Next, introduce your products or services through the Info page. You will have a lot of space to describe your products and services here. Do not use language that is too formal or promotional.

To make your page more interesting, add relevant photos to your Photo section. This is a great way to showcase your products or portfolio. You may tag yourself in the pictures so you will get notification if someone leaves comments on the pictures.

You can gain your first fans from your personal Facebook friends. Go the Suggest to Friends link under the profile picture. Choose to suggest this page to all of your friends. Attach a short message asking them to support your page by becoming a fan and also share this page to their friends.

Updating this page regularly is important to keep your fans. Write about the latest news, products, events, special offers, and upload more pictures. Interacting with your fans is also important. Be responsive and communicative to your fans by answering and responding to their comments and questions.

You might want to consider giving special incentives for fans, such as offering special discounts for fans. This trick is great to keep your fans and also attract new fans. You may also use Facebook ads to attract fans. These are some easy steps to get more Facebook fans and to keep them interested.

Looking to get more Facebook fans to your site but not sure how to do it? This get more Facebook fans post written by an expert will show you just how to do it.

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