Law of Attraction (Part I)

Since the flick based totally on the book The Secret was released in 2006, much has been said about the Law of Attraction and the incredible impact on our lives. In this piece we will see the 5 most important Myths and Facts of the famous Universal Law.

Though made very popular by the movie by Rhonda Byrne, the postulate behind “The Secret” isn't new and has been around for long. But thanks to the film and book, it is so well-liked that there were some misinterpretations of the law of attraction, many legends or “beliefs” that create more disenchantments than results nonetheless , today we shall communicate them and you can discover the tightly-guarded secret behind the Law of Attraction.

Parable 1: The Law of Attraction makes come true all my wishes

This myth is … TRUE! But may I explain it:

The rationale behind the Law of Attraction is simple and concrete: “like attracts like.” What does this mean? Making a super-brief outline of quantum theory, basically the universe, you, me, the table, the dog and everything you see around us are different sets of atoms, particles of energy “vibrating” at different levels continuously.

The Law of Attraction tells us that our vibrations (either of joy or sadness, poverty or wealth) attract more of these vibrations, “like pulls like.”

So it is right that the law of attraction manifest our needs as our fact becomes a reflection of our inner arena of our energy.

Myth 2: The Law of Attraction only works for some

This myth is … Fake!

The Law of Attraction (Ley de Atraccion) works steadily and for all. As previously explained, the law of attraction helps us express the reflection of our vibration of our energy. The difficulty is that many are not aware of how our vibrations are or where we put our energy each day.

I give you an example: If your dream is to have extra cash but you spend 24 hours a day thinking you don't have how to pay rental, or that your wallet is increasingly empty or you like to do lots of things but can't because you are poor … is highly likely to finish up bringing that into your life as you are putting most of the time your thoughts, emotions and vibrations that do Not wish to attract into your life.

So listen to my advice, the absolute best you can do to start is just to concentrate, to focus on the things you would like for yourself and for your life and you see how your results begin to change.

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