Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Dark Skinned People

Modern dermatology has made it possible for both men and women with varying hair and skin colors to have their unsightly hair removed. This was not the case four years ago. The laser hair removal treatment was only for people with pale skin and dark hairs. People with pale skin and dark hairs were the ideal candidates because technicians will not have trouble targeting each hair follicle in order to remove them.

Previously, laser hair removal for dark skin remedy was not doable but with the recent technological breakthroughs, skin specialists today have systems and procedures of eliminating hair follicles without jeopardizing the condition of the skin.

To make it possible for the laser hair removal for dark skin remedy to come out a success, the laser specialist should entirely bypass the melanin pigment of the skin. Temperature reduction of the client’s skin before the laser is applied is one approach of bypassing the melanin pigment. Laser specialists and skin specialists have a lot of ways of chilling the skin which employ , among others, the practice of cooling sprays or the use of two particular sapphire plates with cool water running between them.

Another procedure of keeping the dark skin pigment unharmed is with the use of longer laser wavelength. Unlike shorter wavelengths where it is absorbed by the melanin, the longer laser wavelengths might possibly be ingested by the melanin but only at a tolerable amount thereby preventing the mutilation of the skin pigment. The longer laser wavelengths will much likely prevent the perils of laser hair removal on dark skin treatment.

With the development of a more advanced laser hair removal technology, people with various skin tones and hair colors can now benefit from the treatment. No matter how advanced the technology is, though, it is still important to bear in mind that not all laser clinics and day spa services are using the same type of equipment and methods. For anyone planning to try laser hair removal, it is still best to consult a qualified professional to have their skin tone and hair color assessed and to know whether they are a good candidate for this type of treatment.

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