Laryngopharyngeal Reflux – Useful Information You Must Know

Ever noticed any of the following – bitterness in the throat; difficulty swallowing food; and nausea? If so, you could be having symptoms laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR, aside from many others. You might also feel hoarseness in your voice, extreme irritation in the esophagus area, formation of mucus or phlegm, indigestion and persistent cough. Consider having a check-up with an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist when you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

Laryngopharyngeal reflux is characterized by the flow of your stomach’s contents back to the esophagus and then towards the throat. The said contents are essentially acid and activated pepsin them are enzymes that help digest food in the stomach. LPR causes the larynx to be inflamed and damaged.

Some people experience difficulty in breathing when they suffer from this disorder. There are also those who could barely sleep due to the irritation it causes to the throat. People with asthma are much more prone to get the attacks due to the complications of laryngopharyngeal reflux.

Infants and kids are the ones who are frequently affected by the disease. The reason being that the tubes connecting their mouth to the stomach are smaller. It is then important to be aware of the kinds of food that are to be fed to young children. The doctor shall give you a list of food that you may give and those that should be avoided. This will continue on until such time that their system is already accustomed to it. The purpose here is to lessen the level of acidity and the incidence of LPS.

It is imperative for parents to immediately bring their kids to the doctor should there be any indications of the disease. The child’s lungs and the entire respiratory system might get infected if the disease is not attended to right away. When this happens, LPS may likewise trigger asthma and bring about emphysema and bronchitis.

Treatment for laryngopharyngeal reflux includes taking medicines such as antacids as well as H2 antagonists. Surgical procedure on the larynx is done when medications prove to be ineffective. There are also certain lifestyle modifications that can be applied such as weight management and eradicating caffeine and fat in the diet.

Consult with professional ENT specialists as soon as you notice signs and symptoms of Laryngopharyngeal reflux disease. Your chosen ENT centre is also the best choice to cure Nasal Allergies. Avoid further complications, seek treatment right away.

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