Lap Band Procedure Cost and Insurance Coverage

Many of us have a problem with extra body fat. Some of us have difficulties a lot more than others. If you are wanting to shed a few pounds, then a change in how you eat, along with getting in some light work-outs in many cases will likely do just fine.

However, if you’re considerably overweight, and have made every attempt to shed pounds, but have ended up unsuccessful, you might consider weight loss surgery. There are actually various forms of weight loss surgery, but one of the more popular methods today is by using the insertion of a lap band. Of course the question many folks have is just how much does a lap band procedure cost.

Since this surgery is somewhat new, the cost will be anywhere from about $12,000-$25,000 depending on what part of the country you live in. However, there are some ways to reduce the lap band procedure cost.

In some instances the lap band procedure cost might not be paid by your insurance because it is regarded as being an elective procedure, but most insurance agencies will cover a significant part of the expense. As an example, if an individual on Medicaid or Medicare would fulfill the National Institute of Health’s criteria of a BMI more than 40 (or possibly a BMI of at least 35 combined with health problems which can be life threatening resulting from obesity), the insurer could possibly pay up to 80% of your costs. Many insurance agencies take this criteria in to consideration for eligibility of this surgical treatment.

Not only can this procedure save your life, it can save you money as well. In a study conducted by the University of California, patients post lap band procedure realized a whopping $15,000 annually in savings. With the money normally spent on food, medication, weight loss programs and medical co-pays, this procedure could actually end up paying for itself in as little as a year.

Whenever people end up very over weight, the consequences of that weight with their well being or their lifespan may be devastating. That is the reason it’s very crucial to attempt every thing conceivable to lose weight and to be healthier. However, if those attempts become ineffective, then it may very well be the time to think about a lap band procedure. After addressing this concern with your physician, and discussing the lap band procedure cost, you will probably find that this procedure is your very best option.

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