Laboratory Testing Services Offered Including Analytical Testing, Bio Analytical Testing And General Testing Services.

Independent testing laboratories which can offer analytical testing services by based in the UK, which can offer laboratory testing services to organizations. Testing facilities that can offer testing services and bio analytical services to an array of products. Laboratories which offer testing for raw materials, API’s, chemicals, polymers, plastics and pesticides which can produce testing procedures, method development and standard operating procedures.

There are lots of testing laboratory facilities which offer lots of different testing service in Environmental analysis, Industrial testing, Product analysis, Pharmaceuticals including organic and inorganic products, thousands of different chemicals, testing by wet chemistry, Food stuffs including testing on food packaging, breaking down products to identify their chemical formulation, looking at products being developed and testing the quality of a product for quality purposes.

Testing facilities usually produce test results by utilizing ISO standards. Correct data handling systems producing test results is a prerequisite to submitting accurate results on time, this is done by following standard operating procedure as set down by UKAS, this enables the testing facility to produce results electronically with a secure system without compromising results and client confidential information and offering bespoke data transfer

Internet capabilities allow the electronic data deliverable to be sent to an email address within minutes of their completion of a test report. The principles of a lab testing facility should have experience providing electronic data deliverable. Clients information should be secured and made available to clients to download data as it becomes available and information should act as a back up system and forms a traceability structure.

Testing laboratories service offer lots of analytical testing services qualified to UKAS, they provide a huge range of tests and procedures, from basic materials to final products. From development of a product or matrix to routine testing of a product, developing methods, validating a product to validating a standard method, method development to stability studies, laboratories need to employ experienced scientists which can focus on the delivering accurate, reproducible and reliable test results. Contract laboratories, provide laboratory testing services and technical support services to a a lot of industry sectors. Lots of different scientific instruments are used to do this work.

Generally contract testing laboratories use the following instrumentation to carry out the analysis, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, FTIR/ATR, Atomic Absorption, Spectrometers, High Power Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography Mass Spec, UV-Vis Spectrometer, Thermal Gravimetric Analysis, Ion Chromatography, Surface Mass, Centrifuges, 1200/1600deg Furnaces, ICP MS, ICP OES, Bomb Calorimeters and Accelerated Solvent Extraction.

How and why do testing service companies test products for industry in the field of physical material testing, clinical chemistry which can offer analytical services. Such as offering analytical testing activities which occur in a lab environment, that utilize expert employees and facilities. All types of testing involves environmental tests, industry standard testing, in accordance which is in accordance with government departments. The industry is still continuing to grow within the testing sector; companies out source analytical testing will be out sourced. Over the next couple of years testing facilities will be called on to help organizations to improve their products and send them to market a lot quicker, this is required as an ever-changing regulatory focus.

With all the new regulations, both UK and European, there is a pressure on providers to test their products accurately, efficiently and effectively. Private testing laboratories which implement test programs for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, bio medicals, medical devices and special chemicals industry will experience a significant request for test systems to meet regulations, additionally produce multiple, health and therapeutic claims. Outsourced testing services are the driving force required to deliver products and services to industry quickly and effectively, with added demand to meet both European and worldwide regulations.

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