Kung Fu And Eastern Religions

Kung Fu or Martial Art is a system of techniques that was designed to hurt or kill another human being efficiently. A large amount of the forms of martial arts were originated from the East. And these eastern martial arts all have deep spiritual or religious roots. The main religions they are related to are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Many people decided to ignore this fact and continue practicing martial arts.

By simply comparing qigong and eastern religions we can conclude that they have the same origin. First, their theories are the same, their methods are the same and their philosophies are the same. Students are often taught with doctrines of these three religions, Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. Among the three, Confucianism has the least teachings about qigong or martial art and hence most has been lost.

When we compare marital art with different eastern religions, we see so many similarities that it is unwise to say that they are merely coincidences. Then it is natural for us to be curious about the purpose of such spiritual practice and its place in the philosophies of the religions. In order to understand this matter thoroughly, we must see beyond the physical but the spiritual. And when we do this, we find that all of them have the same origin which is the devil.

Eastern Religions exist to work for a purpose and qigong and marital art work for the same purpose, too. This purpose is the Devil’s purpose.

We know that the purpose of religions is to help human to know ‘god’ and to get to ‘god’. Human being has natural tendancy to worship God. This is programmed in the human spirit by God. The purpose of the devil is to stop human from knowing the one true God. It wants the human race to leave God and worship it. Therefore, the devil created all kinds of religions to deceive people to believe and worship evil spirits.

No one can know God if God didn’t reveal Himself. God gave grace and reveal Himself with one book – the Bible. Before Jesus, God had a covenant with the Israelite and used the Old Testament Bible to prophesied about the coming savior. And then Jesus came; he died for all sinners and was raised from the dead. From now on all people on earth can have a good relationship with God through Christ Jesus. This is the Christianity.

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