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Krav Maga was something I had only heard about recently, when a friend of mine mentioned that he knew someone who taught it. My friend put me in touch with this guy, Raphael Yadgaroff, and we soon arranged a time to conduct an interview.One of the primary things that interests me about martial artists is the winning mentality that they often possess. Whether or not one is interested in martial arts, these positive outlooks can be applied to any area of life.

[Krav Maga Classes]

These Training classes run only for a few months, and can be practiced by both adults and children. The only prerequisite to join the classes is to have passion towards this martial art form. People from all walks of the society are aware of the benefits of these training classes. The growing number of crimes in the society and the insecurity surrounding the common lives are the factors that drive people towards it’s training classes. Earlier, it’s training classes were restricted to the minority of the population that were keen to be employed in armed forces or police departments, but today, this martial arts form has become an essential skill to be acquired by anybody for self defense.

Raphael made the decision to train in Krav Maga since it offered a more evolved and practical approach to dealing with realistic confrontations, including situations involving weapons and multiple attackers.Raphael is a recognised instructor with the British Combat Association and is presently teaching his main class at the Fighting Lions Centre of Excellence in Whitstable. He has taught members of the British Army and Police Force, as well as Door Security Staff. He has also taught a seminar for girls at Spires Academy in Sturry. In addition, he has taught the control and restraint portion of the Task International Close Protection Course. Questions

Learning it will not only teach you how to fight, but also teach you how to finish your attacker as soon as possible, this ensures your safety when you fight the more chances of the other to get hurt.The best instructor is the one who has gained the knowledge and skills to prepare his students face any tough combats in their lives. Krav-Maga, translated as “close combat” is a combination of martial arts and street fights practiced in ancient Israel.It also teaches counter attacks as well as the use of weapons such as knives, guns and rods. A professionally trained instructor will be able to teach these disciplines to his/her students so that they become equipped with the right skills to face any tough situation in their lives.

These Classes not only teaches you how to fight, but to finish your attacker as quickly and efficiently as possible, this ensures your safety for the longer you fight the more of the chance to get hurt,It seems like these classes are popping up all around the country. However, since KM is still catching on, schools and studios can be hard to find if you are not in a major metropolitan area. So I’m going to give you several ways to find a club near you as well as some online alternatives.The first tip is to do a search on Google for a KM center near you. Also, realize that these schools go by varying names: school, institute, academy, and studio. Try all forms of these words to cast the widest “search net” on the Internet.

Also, realize that many martial arts centers have KM classes, but may not have “Krav Maga” in the name of their school. Fitness clubs or gyms may have KM classes as part of their programs as well.Another good resource for KM schools are the association web sites. Check out Krav Maga Association of America and look under “locations.” You will find over 240 training centers across the country. You can also do a similar search at the Krav Maga Federation site. And the Worldwide Directory of these Clubs has an excellent listing of classes and studios.

Make sure that you need to learn the skills to both neutralize the opponent while also preparing themselves to fight fiercely. This training is highly useful for people aspiring to become security personnel or body is a self defense system developed and used by the Israeli elite military unit. This martial art covers striking, wrestling and grappling techniques.

Krav Mag a Self Defence system which originated in Israel. It is the official tactical combat system of the Israeli Army. The name roughly translates to ‘Close Combat’ all Israeli Army Recruits including Women, receive basic Training in Krav Maga.Krav Maga emphasis the use of the body’s instinctive reactions, the kind of moves the body makes under pressure. This instinctive moves evolved as basic survival skills. These moves operate below or consciousness so are the fastest responses we can have, it’s techniques and counter assault moves on these instinctive responses meaning our self defence response is the fastest it can be.It may well be the most suitable self defence system for women, as it was developed by the Israeli Army which is one of the few armies which conscripts. Because of this it developed it had a very strong emphasis on ensuring the techniques and moves were built from the ground up to be practical for female soldiers.

Imi relocated to Israel in the 1940s and began to teach his combat system. Imi’s method was then adopted by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as its official hand-to-hand combat style.Over the decades, it has been refined greatly not only for the military and the police but for civilians as well.With the growing number of street crimes, more and more people are turning to learn it as a tool for self defense.The Israeli self defense system is suitable for street crime situations. Its core principle is to finish a fight as soon as possible. Due to this, all attacks under this system are directly aimed on the most vulnerable body parts, such as the neck, groin, knee, armpits and joints.

Students who learn the system will also be taught on how to respond on any attack using quick combinations of counter attacks.In addition, students will also learn to maintain their awareness of their surroundings and environment to identify potential threats.Basic Krav Maga training includes a warm up session and a session to identify critical pressure points on a human body. Identifying these points is crucial because they are going to be the target for attack if you want to neutralize your opponent quickly.

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