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There are a lot of people that are suffering from diabetes and we all know that this is not only a dangerous disease, but it is also a nasty one, because you will need to take shots on a daily basis in order to keep your blood sugar at normal levels, yet it seems that lately there is another way of coping with it and it comes under the name of Metformin. The ones that will benefit from this type of gum are patients that are not dependant on insulin and more to that, it helps with two types of diabetes. Of course, the Side Effects of Metformin should be acknowledged by everyone before they will delve into taking this drug.

It seems that the other ways of taking this drug, asides from the buccal delivery is not that recommended. So if the patients will get to take on this path, they will not be let in on any side effects or the side effects will just be minimum.

The actual process of having a drug taken through your mouth is called buccal delivery and it seems that there are also other drugs that are developed for this kind of usage. For instance, Generex, a very popular drugs company, has developed a solution for people that suffer from diabetes that is sprayed into the person’s mouth.

If you are someone that has been starting to take Metformin there are a few side effects that you might experience. These number diarrhea or vomiting, but they are well deflected if you will get to take the medicine with food. By actually having a gum that you chew on, the medicine will be delivered in steps and it will be easier for the stomach to cope with it.

The drug is meant for those people that are suffering from diabetes and are not dependant on insulin and more to that, it also is very good at having the blood sugar level controlled very much. This way, any complications that diabetes might let you in on will be solved immediately. If you will decide to take other drugs like Ciprofloxacin or Neurontin, make sure that you are aware of the Ciprofloxacin Side effects and the Neurontin Side Effects.

The new drug is under heavy research still and there are many tests conducted in order to perfect it even more. Buy the good news is that the people suffering from diabetes have hope now of having their troubled days washed away, so no more insulin shots are expected.

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