Kissing Disease Mono

Mononucleosis is a disease that affects many of the body’s organs and systems including the liver, respiratory system and lymphatic system. A person contracts mononucleosis by coming in direct contact with the saliva of an infected person. Kissing is one of the ways that the infected saliva can be transferred, which is why this disease is also called the “kissing disease.” Once a person has become infected with mononucleosis, he or she will exhibit some of the following symptoms: headache, enlarged liver and spleen, swollen glands and loss of appetite. Since this condition can do serious damage to the liver and spleen, it is important that it be treated right away. Fortunately, there are many home remedies available for the treatment of Mononucleosis.

These white blood cells actually attack red blood cells that are infected by the herpes type virus that causes the mononucleosis symptom of tiredness. Red blood cells are needed to fulfill all the functions of a healthy body.
White blood cells are needed to attack and to kill invading virus organisms. When the body is fighting an attack by an invading organism, it will signal a shut down of activity and actually initiate fatigue. The body needs to concentrate all of its internal functions into destroying the invading viral attack.

A natural solution for treatment mononucleosis would be to use salt water to gargle with. If you have a severe sore throat try sucking on ice, drinking tea with honey in it, and frozen fruit bars and Popsicles might help to relieve some of the soreness during treatment mononucleosis. Another aid with the sore throat would be to place small amounts of apple cider vinegar in warm water to help the sore throat.

Any patient experiencing at least one of the symptoms of mononucleosis needs to be immediately seen by a physician. In addition to the similarity between influenza and mononucleosis , the symptoms of mononucleosis may resemble medical conditions such as strep throat , leukemia or lymphoma because of a persistent throat ache.

Another treatment for mono kissing disease includes refraining from sex. Abstinence minimizes your chances of contracting this and other contagious diseases from another person. Mono kissing disease is contracted through the exchange of bodily fluids such as: mucus and saliva. As well, mononucleosis is nicknamed ”Mono Kissing Disease!

Mono the kissing disease is a serious illness that can be very dangerous if left untreated. If you think that you might have mono you should not hesitate and go visit a doctor. Be safe and be healthy!

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