Killer Muscle Building Workout Routine – Day 2

Check out Vince Delmonte’s Skinny Guide To Muscle Building Program at I have been pretty busy since I got back from Vegas. Who knew that even the biggest name in the fitness industry knows how to party (and party hard). Anyway, one of the guys that I had the pleasure to workout with was Vince DelMonte, the author of the #1 rated muscle program on the internet. You can check out his No-Nonsense Muscle Building ebook at http While we were working out, we decided to …

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  1. fieldman08 says:

    tell u what…. take trenabol and decca, then stack winstrol with some test… inject that shyt and u will like the results

  2. what about calves?

  3. do you need to follow any program at the gym to get a lean upper body or a chiseled arms maybe???

  4. PoetryForTheDead says:

    how many reps do you have to do

  5. crazedfan7589 says:

    he kinda looks like ryan braun

  6. EpiiCxHaZaRd says:


  7. Thanks for the videos Vince!

  8. HITHOUSE1992 says:

    iguess his x-ray vison is giving him PATHETIC RESULTS!! im goin to start doing these workouts

  9. idolopinions says:

    ooo. i wanna vince to fuck me so hard

  10. he’s just perfect i’m in love with his body WOW that’s all i can say .

  11. chalemalach says:

    close the door….

  12. MrSandmanTv says:

    how did you get the gym to be empty?

  13. USAmartialartss says:

    Well you moronic jack ass – the chest is a pushing muscle. the chest is the main one and its supposed to be big. the upper back is slender its a pulling muscle – if your talking about his lats they wont bulk out and thats fine cuz i bet hes in better shape then you are. oh and calves ARE genetic. just to let a moron like you know. 🙂

  14. steveecker says:

    Why don’t you save yourself the trouble of talking all of us pathetic morons into believing you by providing some evidence that you are clearly better than this guy, even though this guy is better than the people watching the vids .. Just upload some videos of yourself, and uh … steal subscribers? Idk what you’re trying to prove really…

  15. are you supposed to do this on wednesday or tuesday after doing day one on monday?

  16. 2Bdiscovered says:

    That’s an even better come back than your last one. I’m getting pathetic results? You haven’t even seen me. Or is that your x-ray vision working again? You’re wasting everyone’s time on here. Why do you keep coming back on here if you can’t stand these vids? Just piss off – trust me, no one will miss you.

  17. you’re officially a fuckin joke. Btw he shows him in another video dumbass. That was the worst comeback i’ve seen in a long time…. Btw dont i I Didn’t know much, ur talkin as if u do now… U STILL DONT KNOW NOTHING. So what if ur doing it, your sorry ass is getting PATHETIC RESULTS.

  18. 2Bdiscovered says:

    He has horrible abs? Where in this video did he show you his abs? You can tell thru his shirt? Do you have X-Ray vision like Superman? And I didn’t know much about Bodybuilding and Nutrition. But his program has taught me alot. And now, I know plenty. And it works cuz I’M DOING IT. So quit watching his vids if you don’t think they work and piss off or I’ll get some Kryptonite to burn your sorry ass.

  19. I mean look at him! I am in love with my body, i would never want to look like him. He has no definition, he has no upper back (behind the shoulders) he has shitty biceps and his pecs are WAY out of proportion he has horrible abs, no shoulders…. Want me to keep going? I aint jelous of some pos like him… i’m enraged of jackoffs like him stealing people’s money. So u can fuck off fanboy because you know nothing bout Bodybuilding N Nutrition.

  20. you’re clearly some fag fanboy here. He’s out of proportion, if he was bulking up which you obviously know NOTHING of he would be much bigger. You should see me when im bulking up the first 6 months before competition so dont bullshit me. Wtf are u talkin bout in stages… U think this is a game? Once again, you know NOTHING. A cutting phase would only have him looking a more defined and btw a cutting phase is thru nutrition moron. Why would i be jealous of some waste like him…

  21. 2Bdiscovered says:

    Maybe you should speak once you know what he’s all about. I am on his program and it works out EVERY MUSCLE group equally. He’s not out of proportion. And you don’t know at what stage he is here in his training. Maybe he’s in a bulking phase, maybe he’s in a cutting phase, you don’t know that. Stop assuming. His program is working amazing for me and I definitely DO NOT have the genetics. Have you seen Vince at his prime? ANyone who says his body isn’t good is clearly jealous. Stop hating.

  22. alot of people do it naturally and they dont look like this. I can be a publisher and an author too, i’m a good salesman… An ice cream salesman can be a publisher and an author too, what does that prove? U got low standards if u think his body is nice lollll. He looks like shit n is outta proportion.. he obviously works his chest and not his upper back, which is just sad considering he’s so “elite”…. Guess what, He’s a load of shit. :). Whoever said calves r genetic, ur a retard.

  23. don’t listen to this guy. He doesn’t even look credible on top of not knowing wut hes talkin bout. He’s not even in proportion…

  24. sn2akinjy says:

    This guy has a bit of muscle and looks fit but has no idea. I suggest buyind Arnies Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding and start on a split routien. Chest/Tris, Back/Bi’s and legs, working each bodypart twice. And eat!!! If your gunna train then eat, eat, eat, protein is your new best friend!!!!

  25. aikido776 says:

    I need advice ASAP. I’m new to this and am thinking of either starting with NNMB by Vince~ or p90x. From what I understand p90x is more for getting lean and NNMB is for hardgainers to bulk up?

    Please message me with any advice any of you people have. I’d appreciate it.

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