Killer Muscle Building Workout Routine – Day 1

Check out Vince Delmonte’s Skinny Guide To Muscle Building Program at I have been pretty busy since I got back from Vegas. Who knew that even the biggest name in the fitness industry knows how to party (and party hard). Anyway, one of the guys that I had the pleasure to workout with was Vince DelMonte, the author of the #1 rated muscle program on the internet. You can check out his No-Nonsense Muscle Building ebook at http While we were working out, we decided to …

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  1. Im confused about sets. Lets say Im doing a chest workout, 3 sets bumbell flys, 3 sets dumbell press, 3 sets dumbell incline press, 3 sets incline dumbell flys. Would I do 1 set from each routine right after each other or do all 3 sets from one routine right after each other? For example, would I do 3 sets DB flys then onto 3 sets DB press or 1 set DB flys then 1 set DB press then repeat that unitl i have all 3 sets out of each routine?

  2. gerandaniels says:

    why does he only do 9?

  3. PredigerSHARP says:

    He has a giant Nose!^^

  4. SuperNickelback says:

    hahaha i was pissing myself when he was doing the shoulder raises. Way too much weight and he’s not even controlling the weights. Basically he’s a bell end who thinks he’s hard!

  5. sexysupersteve says:


  6. its good for endurance!

  7. realestatefla1 says:

    Who`s the dweeb?

  8. That’s pretty bad form. You shouldn’t be swinging the weights on your shoulder raises. Choose a lighter weight and use slow controlled motions.

  9. freeride4eva says:

    Should you use these three workouts (day 1, 2 and 3) for two months? six weeks?

  10. blindmellonchittlen says:

    This guys a joke, hes using too much weight swinging the weight on his shoulder lateral raises. And on his shoulder presses hes only doing half reps. Not enough range of motion. I wouldnt listen to this guy. Swinging the weight on those lateral raises could cause injury. Watch the bald guy on youtube, at least he knows how to perform the exercises properly.

  11. UFCALLDA77 says:

    Okay, thanks bro.

  12. R0ckingman says:

    lol i will die if i’l do that all at once like him 😀

  13. xCoNxKarMa says:

    Yeah, i would probably do what you think the maximum is that you can achieve and when you think you can do more, keep adding more weight.

  14. UFCALLDA77 says:

    Ohhhhh, okay. And you just add more weight every week???

  15. TheChosenOne5995 says:

    whats he mean by skinny guilde im not skinny but not so big ether so ?????

  16. xCoNxKarMa says:

    This is all done on monday lets say. Then you do day 2 on wednesday, then day 3 on friday and then keep repeating i think, but keep adding more weight as you increase your muscle.

  17. SilentInLoud says:

    Before, I was an embarrassingly scrawny 149 pound twerp.
    Now, I’m a solid 210 lbs and 10% body fat… and I’m going to show you how to build 10, 20, 30 and even 50 lbs of rock hard muscle (without getting fat in the process)!
    ..URL with no space

  18. men this is effective!,, if you really run out of time.. do it,,

  19. UFCALLDA77 says:

    So is this all done in one workout day??? I don’t understand.

  20. asantet32178 says:

    Nicely put together workout. Im going to try this today.

  21. cunaboy213 says:

    dude i did this saturday and today i am still sore,lol.

  22. AsgardProductionsSE says:

    check out other of this guys vids.. or the abs challenge

  23. idolopinions says:

    vince is so hot!! I wanna see him workout shirtless!!

  24. stevielicious3 says:

    just work on your diet…no matter how awsome your abdominal muscles are, if u got a heap of fat on top of em it doesnt matter…

  25. how very random

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