Kidney Stones – What Is Known and Unknown

If you have kidney stones, it’s good to know what caused them and how you can prevent them from coming back. Out of the various types of kidney stones, calcium stones are the variety the greatest number of people suffer from. What follows are a few common causes of kidney stones, as knowing the cause can help you and your doctor come up with the best treatment plan. When it comes to kidney stones, with some people a cause is easily found, while in others it can be harder to detect.

Research suggests that people who live in warm and humid climates are more prone to kidney stones that those who live in cooler regions. However, living in either type of climate will not guarantee anything one way or the other.

However, when it’s frequently hot, you’re more prone to dehydration, which is one of the main causes of kidney stones. There are lots of other reasons why you need to be hydrated, and so this is one more good reason. Family history and significantly overweight conditions will also increase your chances.

One high risk element with kidney stones is your particular history involving your family. It is common for this condition to reappear once a person has experienced them.

However, there is much you can do regarding your own personal dieting behavior to reduce the risk. Just because someone in your family has this problem, or because you’ve had it at some point doesn’t mean you have to be resigned to it. This is an area in which knowledge truly is power simply because you can avert their formation.

While a lot is known about kidney stones, it is possible that not every single case can be totally understood. There do not seem to be absolutes with kidney stones because they can still form for unknown reasons. If you have a feeling that you could have them, then do not delay seeking medical attention.

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