Keep Fit During Your Recovery

When you have been focused on fitness or training and an injury occurs, this is certainly quite frustrating. You probably are worried about losing ground and ending up weeks or months behind with your fitness and exercise goals. However, there are some tips that can help you maintain fitness when an injury has occurred.

Before you just decide to do some internet research and start working out again, it is always best to get the advice of your physician. Your doctor should have some good advice about how to exercise safely without slowing your recovery or causing additional damage. In addition, he or she might recommend a physical therapist, and this therapist will definitely help you set up a good exercise plan as well as therapy sessions.

If you typically take part in a high-impact activity, such as distance running, dance or aerobics, you probably have to tone this down and switch over to some low-impact activities. Swimming is usually a great option because you burn calories without the impact, but you might be able to consider walking or working out on an exercise machine, perhaps an elliptical cross training or other similar machine.

Another great option is to use a physiological hybrid shape to help you cope with discomfort as well as helping to speed up the healing time. A physiological hybrid shape, such as those designed by RapidForce, is a muscle support product that you place directly onto the skin. This covers the sore muscle and protects it, while pulling strength from nearby muscle groups.

Because the physio hybrid shapes reduce pain, they allow more free movement and when you can move around a bit, this increases blood flow which in turn accelerates the healing process. There have been shapes designed for several key areas of the body, including the shoulders, knees, elbows and both the upper and the lower back. They are easy to apply and stay firmly in place using a medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive.

Of course, in addition to missing your workout, you might also be concerned about gaining extra weight. To combat this potential problem, simply adjust how much you eat so that your calorie intake equals the amount you burn. This is a great time to eliminate any unhealthy foods out of your diet, because you won’t be able burn off those empty calories.

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