Keep Feet Moisturized

Cracked heels, also referred to as foot fissures, can be a very common problem for lots of people. This is especially true within the dry cold months. Cracked heels are a result of dryness and build up of calluses. Most people have semi dried out feet with at least some callus build up, which is natural. This is normally only an annoyance or a cosmetic issue. Untreated however and it can become a unpleasant condition.

The calluses can get too deep then can start to crack. If your cracks or fissures become too big they could be very painful, and may also bleed or get infected. Once you have a significantly dense callus accumulation, running and even walking may provoke it to start cracking.

There are many reasons that can cause your feet to dry up and start thickening. The winter time can be notoriously recognized for drying out people’s skin, particularly in desert locations. Make sure you are continually drinking plenty of water to help combat this problem.

Too many hot baths or showers can easily leach our bodies of water. A number of soaps can also get rid of oils in our pores and skin which retain moisture in. Lastly, failing to take proper care of your heels by moisturizing them often enough can cause dryness.

If you wish to avoid cracked feet moisturize your feet consistently, as a minimum once daily. Stay hydrated and avoid taking a shower too often and in scalding hot water. Usage of pumice stones or some other exfoliates can get rid of dead skin cells from your feet and prevent calluses.

Medical treatments consist of topical creams and hydrating products. Make sure to moisturize completely and cover up with bandages or a sock. The cover will help hold the moisture in. There’s also custom made insoles to redistribute tension as you move to help keep skin from splitting.

It is crucial should you be suffering from diabetes to examine your feet daily since it is likely to have infections in cracked heels which could lead to a lot more problems for diabetics. For everybody else, cracked feet are absolutely treatable, and most cases can be handled right in your own home.

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