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  1. lochtelove says:

    hey……i’ve also started to do this yoga…..and it is great…but i have one question……when i exhale….i also take in a bit of air in… that normal? because i can’t help breathing in a bit…….

  2. pynkprincess19 says:

    kareena kapoor did this a 1000 times a day when she lost weight for tashan. this and the surya namaskar 50 times (sun salutation)

  3. this pranayam is excellent for loosing tummy bulge and toning your tummy! I have done it and it works! I am a big Yoga follower. It works you guys try it along with Surya Namaskar! You want to exhale as forcefully as possible. This is what burns the calories on your tummy!

  4. johnnyking876 says:

    can i sit on a chair and do kapalbhati yoga and also standing or while walking can i do this yoga?

  5. love this. its become an essential part of my yoga practise. also found that it cures hiccups!

  6. This is similiar to kundalini yoga’s “breath of fire”. No?

  7. suziesmoothie says:

    Great teaching…nice and clear..thank you
    Im going to practice more of this type of pranayama….

  8. goldlmine007 says:

    Check my page!

  9. how many times v do this exercise at a time? v must do this exercise daily? thanx

  10. how many times v do this exercise at a time? v must do this exercise daily? thanx

  11. threetunes says:

    It’s my understanding that pranayama is to be done (ideally) under the supervision of a master. Its like work with the fire and learning to chanalize the pranic energy from what I understand. However certain pranayama like this one, can be done as you have demostrated, provided that certain precautions are followed. I would assume that pranayama must ideally be done in an empty stomach. Could pls you clarify this? I beleive such pre-cautions are very important

  12. mayaluvsmusic says:

    do we have to be in that sitting position?

  13. 1966cristy says:

    Brilliant. Thank you!

  14. Great Job! Excellent Video!


  15. peace1170 says:

    I agree with you, You are absolutely correct! I have taken Art of Living course, and I can tell you that this is cleansing technique, shorter, simpler version of what I learnt. It is ‘Kriya’ not Pranayama, but some do call it Pranayama like they do in my yoga class.

  16. Novelist6369 says:

    I tried a couple different ways of yoga breathing and I always have trouble exhaling.

  17. asifmomin1 says:

    Thanks Anmol, I was indeed going too fast. Your advice helped. I really appreciate you taking time to address my concern.

  18. AnmolMehtaCom says:

    Take your time, don’t go too fast. Allow the inhalation to happen before you do the next exhalation. Relax the abdomen after the exhalation so that the inhalation is more effective.


  19. asifmomin1 says:

    I have a small question. I tried Kapalvati and had a hard time inhaling which led to getting tired pretty soon. As demonstrated in this video itself, if you exhale so frequently, you really don’t have time to inhale.

  20. TheBiggestWolf says:

    Your aura is very radiant.

  21. nippletease says:

    i felt like shit today i tried it n im ok now = ) .. my leg kinda hurts though lol

  22. skierdore says:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    heh lypsynching. that’s cheating

  23. manammanam says:

    Nice video Thank you

  24. nattensvaffel says:

    I notice from your videos everytime I close my eyes afterwards, I see you sitting in a yogic pose inside a white box as a shadowy figure. I actually try to maintain the picture of you as a visualised focus to inspire my concentration to maintain calm. Today I actually saw you moving the box and I don’t know whether I imagined it or not, but you were giving me the thumbs up.

  25. DrewVan111 says:

    Thanks for the comment, but I will stick with Pantajali, and say its a Kriya. Again, being one of the main Shatkarmas, which are cleansing techiques, my logic and truth tells me it is a kriya. A Pranayama is expansion of the prana or breath. But again, the truth cannot be spoken, it is an experience a “doing”. One must experience to know one’s own truth. A truth for you, is not necessarily a truth for another. I would love to talk more about this with you. best wishes in your practice

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