Kamalahar – First Successful Shipment Of The Hepatitis Ayurvedic Product From Khatore Pharmaceuticals To A Developed Country

It has been a long time since I send an article and I thought it might be time for me to come back again and write an article on the experiences that I had in dealing with customers of Khatore Pharmaceuticals (www.khatorepharma.com) . Finally the first shipment of our Ayurvedic product Kamalahar to USA has happened. We send the product to an old lady who has been suffering from hepatitis C and she has started the medication.

The way it started was quite interesting. One fine morning I received an email in our customer support inbox requesting about the product. At that time we had not setup the logistics for shipment to USA. We were still putting things in place for our online store for shipment in India. Till last year we were doing direct selling through chemists and stores. Finally we had decided to go online to expand our reach. But we had thought we might just be focused on India market for some time to come. But after the email and a request from her that she has been suffering from quite some time and does not want to use the allopathic medicines (in which anyways there is currently no cure for Hepatitis C) we decided to setup the things in a jiffy.

We discussed the options with our client and asked her the various options of shipment and payment. We asked her if there is someone she knows in India who is travelling to USA so that we can ship Kamalahar to him/her and they can take Kamalahar to our client. She said she does not know anybody and would rather have Kamalahar shipped to her through courier or post. We were not sure if it will reach her. But we decided to give it a try and shipped Kamalahar to our client through an international courier even though we were not sure if it would reach her.

Finally after a wait of 10 days the shipment arrived at her door step and she has started to take Kamalahar, our best medicine for the treatment of liver disorders such as hepatitis, jaundice, cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc. We also asked her to do tests before she starts taking Kamalahar and after she takes it for 2 weeks. We got the reports after 2 weeks and as expected the report has started showing positive results. We are quite excited as so far we have only served patients in India but with this successful shipment to USA the whole market of developed world has opened up for us.

I am looking forward to providing Kamalahar to needy people in USA, Canada and other developed countries. In fact if things work out as planned we will look forward to shipping our other Ayurvedic products too.

Kamalahar is an Ayurvedic product which is very effective for Liver disorders such as Jaundice, hepatitis, Cirrhosis, fatty liver, etc. It is also very good for liver detoxification and can be used to keep the liver strong and health.

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