Julia Roberts crowned the latest face of Lancome makeup at 42

Julia Roberts is the 2010 Lancome face for the makeup producer. Sexy emma watson Julia Roberts has been crowned the new face of Lancome cosmetics at 42-years-old.

Roberts was named the 2010 “ambassadress” for the cosmetics business and Lancome president Youcef Nabi mentioned Roberts was the perfect quintessence of Lancome values, according to reports from Entertainment Daily.

By her great character and career, Julia Roberts is an emblematic girl of her time,” mentioned Nabi to the press. “Her exceptional talent, her radiance and her powerful commitments, well echo Lancome’s values.”

Roberts has been connected to celebrity personal trainer Kathy Kaehler and credits resistance bands and Pilates with helping to keep her body fit through the years. Kaehler and Roberts joined forces to ante up an arm and shoulder exercise for Fitness magazine and according to momscape.com, Roberts shed her extra pregnancy body weight with regular Pilates.

Nabi added his media release of Roberts, “We are persuaded she will embody the brand in the most sublime method possible.

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