Juice Separator – The Perfect Machine For Health-Conscious Persons

Juice separators have made getting great tasting and nutritious drinks an easy task. These electric machines that are used in the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables are among the most popular kitchen appliances today due to the fact that they not only provide great tasting refreshments, there are also a number of benefits that can be derived from drinking juice extracted from fresh produce.

As was abovementioned, juice separators are a popular kitchen appliance that provides not only great tasting but also nutritious refreshments that is why they are especially preferred by health conscious individuals. Juicers are able to create nutritious drinks as juicing is done with fresh produce, hence, no nutrients and vitamins are lost and no additives are added. So how is juicing completed with juicers? The following lists the general steps in using juice separators.

In using juice separators, one should select first the vegetables and fruits that are to be juiced. Then the selected produce should be gently and thoroughly washed making sure to remove stickers and stems. Then, inedible skins should be peeled before cutting the fruits and vegetables into pieces small enough to fit through the juicer opening. Cut produced should then be dropped into the juicer then juice them as instructed by the appliance’s manufacturer. After use, it is a must that the juicer be cleaned thoroughly before storing.

With the popularity of these machines today, there are a number of juice separators now available in the market. Nonetheless, there are only three general types of juicers: centrifugal, masticating, and hydraulic press juicers. Juicers that extract juice from the pulp of fresh produce with the use of cutters that shred food into small pieces that are spun in a basket are called centrifugal juicers. The drawback of these machines though is that they create oxidation that degrades nutrients over time; hence, juice created from these types of machines should be drunk immediately. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, are of higher quality than centrifugal ones as these machines extract juice from fruits and vegetables at a slower speed, hence, producing less oxidation and more nutrients. Finally, juicers that make the most nutritious juice from fresh produce are hydraulic press juice separators. These machines produce the littlest oxidation as they work by cutting and grating fruits and vegetables using a vortex triturator. These pieces are then place under a hydraulic press where juice will be extracted.

As was said earlier, a number of benefits may be derived from fresh juice extracted with the use of juice separators. Among these are the fruit fibers and vegetable proteins they contain. These nutrients are normally absent in vitamin pills, hence, fresh juice is a great alternative to these vitamin pills. Also, these natural fibers fresh juices contain help in the absorption of food as well as aid in the ridding of toxins out of our bodies. Fresh fruit juices also allow individuals to receive the correct dose of daily fruit and vegetable serving especially for those not extremely partial to eating fruits and vegetables. Lastly, essential micro-nutrients and minerals are contained in fresh juices, hence, allowing the body to remain nutritionally balanced.

Juice separators are indeed must have kitchen appliances. Not only are these machines simple to use, they also provide a number of benefits. With the number of juicers consumers may now choose from, it is not impossible to select the best one that would fit every individual’s daily requirements of fruit and vegetable juices.

Lakisha Stephen is a health magazine editor from Germany. Knowing the benefits from eating fresh produce, she always has at hand her saftpresse so she may enjoy a glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice any time of the day.

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