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  1. englishgirl69 says:

    oof what a hot woman! gorgeous.. im straight but wow haha those abs r to kill for! xx

  2. mmevans80 says:

    ohhh..those abs! <3

  3. GiaMarieCarangi says:

    lol “We’re going HERE! Pink.” lol it was just too cute.

  4. tesswatchesnba says:

    Hot, no doubts!

  5. WECENANUFF says:


  6. jadeathillys says:

    Hihihi, she`s one tiny lady!! And so lovable <3

  7. perfect10gymnst says:

    shooting abs, i love it! haha she is too funny i love this chick she cracks me up constatntly

  8. tholbert87 says:

    She just says ” Jillian- can you just flex your abs and let us see? It’s an inspiration”

  9. AndiClara says:

    What is that woman saying to Jillian at 1:46 ?
    “Jillian do you flex your abs… something something something?”
    Can anyone help me out?

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  11. nik0ltwist says:

    Good . But I lost over 30 lb in one month using weight loss plan from LSWEIGHT(.)INFO

    You’re so beautiful!! Amazing job…keep it up!! :]

  12. happybirthdayshannon says:

    her abs are great but her little back dimples are better!

  13. Athlete189 says:

    Her abs are hawt! I want to meet her and show her mine. Having good abs makes you feel so happy 🙂

  14. wooow. abs.. wooo *sigh*. HOT.

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