It’s Not Early For Retirement Planning

Most of us work tirelessly to earn a good profit and invest for our retirement planning. We all know that it is always an advantage to prepare for tomorrow. There are no limitations in how much we could invest for the security and pleasure of our non working days later on. Retirement is one of the most important moments in our lives that we are all destined to face. Nobody can tell us that we are too young to start planning since most people know that the earlier we begin, the more we can save. It is better to invest more than having just enough since we do not know what will happen in the future.

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I have seen financial planners without an adequate background in IRAs and retirement plans, acting without advice from counsel or even advice from other experts in the financial planning area, make enormously costly mistakes. That is costly to the clients, not the advisor.IRA & Retirement Planning Mistakes That Can Accelerate Acceleration of Income Taxes and Can Cost You Up to a Million Dollars or More!

It would be a waste someday during our non working days to live a life that we cannot enjoy because we don’t have enough savings. We all know how hard and tedious it is to work tirelessly. We need to have a vision of ourselves harvesting the fruits of our labors. Having a pleasurable vision of our retired selves on how we will live our lives someday could help us pursue and endure our tasks. If we think of it thoroughly, it’s not only us that would benefit from succeeding the plan, most especially our children. All we need are inspirations that would give reachable advantages to us.

Another time, a 55 year old retires from his company with a million dollars in a retirement plan. The advisor recommends using an IRC Code 72(t) election for the entire million dollars. Only a fraction of that money was needed for cash flow between ages 55 and 59. The result of the faulty advice was unnecessary massive acceleration of income taxes between ages 55 and 59. The appropriate response would have been to make an IRC 72(t) election for part of the IRA, not all of it.

Retirement Planning is a Family Affair.Even if one spouse normally takes care of the retirement investments both need to be in a position to take charge of them. This means both spouses need basic information that can let them take over the investments and funds at a moments’ notice. This information includes:The names and contact information for all of the professionals used including retirement planners, financial advisors, insurance agents, brokers, accountants, tax preparers and attorneys.

The basic information for all your bank, brokerage, retirement and other financial and investment accounts. This includes the name of the institution, the institution’s contact information, the account numbers, passwords and user names for online account access and the addresses of any websites used to access or monitor the accounts.The location of all paperwork related to retirement planning including wills, legal documents, insurance policies, annuity policies, prospectuses, checkbooks, etc.How to access all of the investment and bank accounts. If you have an IRA, 401k, money market account, brokerage account or CD both spouses should know how to access it and withdraw money. If you have a life insurance policy with cash value both spouses should know how to access it and borrow money.

You turn 50, what’s the big deal? It’s just a number right? Perhaps, but when you go to your mailbox and you find that retirement association envelope inviting you to join their club and enjoy discounts only reserved for, well, those in their declining years. It’s a rude awakening; a kick the gut.If this sounds familiar, don’t despair, you’re in good company. Thousands are waking up to this reality every day. So what do you do now? Well, for starters, make darn sure that you have a good plan for getting to retirement with a decent nest egg to be able to enjoy your golden years. For those of you that need the professional help of a retirement planner, this article is for you. Everyone else, take a look at my other article titled “The “do it yourself” retirement planner”.

Both of you should have the legal right to access the accounts. Read all of the documentation and make sure this is the case. If not get it changed so it will not be a hassle later on.If you are not married you should check with an attorney to see what your rights are in your state. The law can vary widely from state to state and some states may not recognize some living arrangements. Something to be aware of is that relatives could try to claim they have legal powers over your partner or his money if there is no formal legal marriage. It may pay to get married or set up a legal arrangement such as a domestic partnership to protect your rights.

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