It Is Time To Go Outdoors To Get High

Staying in a city or town can make you feel trapped. If you live inside a busy city location, you can actually become caught up in what is going on directly surrounding you and begin to forget there’s more to our life than your immediate surroundings. Perhaps you may fail to see beyond your backyard and begin to forget to appreciate the fantastic outdoors or nature in general. A good example of this particular behavior happens when you might be traveling on an airplane. The moment the plane is in the air, you peer down on the city perhaps even if you’re afraid to fly, a feeling of relief washes over you whilst you watch the town fade away into the distance. All of the hustle and bustle of daily life becomes meaningless, when the cars and buildings become smaller and smaller.

However, you can’t simply board a jet anytime you feel like getting out of the city for a little bit, but you can spend the afternoon hiking in a beautiful natural setting. It’s truly amazing how everyday problems quickly drift away when you are out hiking. The only sounds that you hear are the rustling of leaves, singing birds, insects and small creatures scurrying through the trees when they hear you coming down the trail. Just like the airplane scenario, the farther uphill you hike, the farther behind you leave your problems. This can put you in an almost hypnotic state. You can feel the sun’s warmth on your skin, the gorgeous smell of sage in the air; you see the clear blue sky, fluffy white clouds and hear the rhythmic sounds of nature all around you. You begin to relax and clear your mind. Your thoughts gradually become happier. The constant pressure from the daily stress that weighs down your body and puts pressure on your forehead or temples diminishes as your body enters into a relaxed state.

As nature unfolds, it begins to envelop you. You begin wondering why your problems are so challenging. After hiking for a while, you eventually reach a plateau. You will look down below and no longer remember your troubles. When you engage nature’s cruise control you will begin to experience an all-natural high that can only be experienced in the great outdoors.

The even ground of the plateau you have found is the place you drift through real world paradise. You pluck a wildflower and smell its gorgeous fragrance. You stare in awe of the ants crawling around an anthill. The ants have no idea of the sting of aerosol sprays and poisons, for they’re just in their natural setting, and you admire them with no sense of loathing. You’re not sure what time it is because your sensation of time has been distorted. You are not aware of the movement of the sun because of your natural high. You sense that it is time to follow the trail back home, but you are not sure how long you have been on the trails.

The natural high that you are on lasts much longer than any chemical-induced buzz could last. Once you go back to the busy city you understand that your perspective on life has been distorted, but for the better. You see the pettiness surrounding you, and realize that the world is much larger than the city you live in. You’re now calm and serene, even while living in the bustling city. You wait with a patience you did not know that you possessed for your next trip to the great outdoors to get high.

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