It Is Natural To Be Prone To Easy Bruising As You Get Older!

The tendency to bruise easily is more common in older people, but the recollection of what caused the bruising is sometimes fleeting because nothing of notice happened that they can remember. This seeming lack of reason for the appearance of an ugly bruise can cause your family and friends to become worried about what happens to your skin

Easy bruising becomes a fact of life for some people as they get older. Having a blood disorder can be one of the causes for the bruising, as can certain diseases or conditions that have bruising easily as one of its symptoms.

Bruises can manifest for various reasons, and the most common is the aging process because your skin and capillary walls have become thinned. Manifesting a bruise from a simple bump into a hard object can be enhanced by a vitamin deficiency or the use of blood thinners like aspirin or prescription warfarin.

Easy bruising is usually not harmful, but there are some serious medical conditions that have bruising easily as one of their symptoms. If you are concerned that your bruising is related to one of these serious conditions, you should see a medical professional to either get medication to contest the condition or relieve yourself that the bruising is natural.

When a bruise occurs due to some form of accidental impact, the bruises will usually start with a dark blue or purplish color. The appearance occurs because blood has seeped into the area around the point of impact from blood vessels broken during the accident. As healing takes place, you will notice the bluish color will gradually turn yellowish, as the healing process takes place until the skin regains it’s natural color when the bruise completely disappears.

The body loses its ability to produce collagen as it ages, and that substance is what acts as sort of a shock absorber for our skin when you were younger. Since vitamin C is one of the triggers for collagen production, a vitamin deficiency in vitamin C will greatly increase your chances of bruising easily.

One more cause of easy bruising is the lack of exercise by people as they get older. Consistent exercise improves the circulatory system by adding strength and flexibility to the blood vessels, making them more difficult to break from a minor impact.

You should now be versed in the primary causes for why you are prone to bruise easily, and you now have some directions as to how to overcome the problem. You should strongly consider adding the all natural Bruises Be Banned daily supplement program as part of your campaign to help stop bruising easily completely.

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