Is Your Tinnitus Related To Loss Of Hearing?

Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, is a very common condition among people of all ages. Some even suffer from consistent ringing in their ears, and require medication to alleviate their symptoms so that they can function.

Tinnitus is not a disease. It is only a symptom of some other disorder in a human system. It is rather common that tinnitus comes along with hearing loss.

So, what exactly is tinnitus? Tinnitus symptoms have been described as a ringing, hissing, buzzing, or even roaring sound heard emanating from the ear drum. Over 20 million Americans suffer from tinnitus each year in one or both ears.

Tinnitus is caused by some disturbances in the ear origins or tissues and origins nearby the ear. These include cochlea, ear drum, inner ear, blood vessels, and the brain itself. If there are some disorders or disturbances in these tissues or origins, you may hear the sound in your ears which is called tinnitus.

A small list of possible diseases which have been known to cause tinnitus because of their effects on the ear include ear and sinus infections, hormonal changes, and diseases of the heart or blood vessels.

Tinnitus has been shown to be linked to hearing damages in several instances, although it is not always related. Tinnitus has also often been shown to be the first indicator of hearing loss in the elderly, but it is also known that many medications can cause tinnitus. This makes a hearing test a good idea whenever tinnitus affects a person of advanced age.

Often tinnitus begins after noise induced hearing loss, where consistent exposure to loud noises, such as with musicians or construction workers, injures the tiny cilia that pick up sounds in the ear. Exposure to loud noises is one of the most common tinnitus causes.

Other causes of hearing related tinnitus include damages in the ears or brains due to accident and rapid changes in air pressure. Also, powerful explosions are very dangerous when it comes to ear damages. It is very common that war veterans suffer from tinnitus because of their exposure to explosives.

Considering all the multiple ways tinnitus can occur in a person, it is even more shocking and perplexing that tinnitus can also occur for no reason in a person with otherwise healthy hearing. This ailment often shows no physical cause, but can still tremendously disrupt the life of one suffering with it.

Fatigue, anxiety, and issues with memory are common in these types of tinnitus sufferers, as it is extremely difficult to rest or concentrate when a constant ringing is being heard in the ears. Understanding that tinnitus can have no cause does, unfortunately, little to answer the question of whether your tinnitus is related to your hearing.

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