Is There Such a Thing as a Universal Cure?

Is it actually possible? Can it be true? Is there a substance that will cure most human diseases? Many people have been laying claim to such things & marketing such things for millenia but they are just about always a fraud.

Consider it, if such a thing was possible it would need to work not by fixing particular conditions but by restoring weakened & diseased cells & tissues to a normal healthy condition. Then & only then could the human immunological response fight off disease & revive the body to a condition of total health.

Let’s think a bit more. What does the human body demand more than anything to be healthy & alive? Well it needs lots of things but what’s the most vital?

It needs good nourishment from high energy foods for sure but you can go without food for weeks at a time & still recover & live. What about water? It’s absolutely essential for life but some of us have gone without it for a couple of days & still survived.

What about oxygen? If you stop breathing you can only last a few minutes before you die & your body starts to decay.

This shows us that oxygen is the most critical thing for survival & health. Your body is desperate for it in the right quantities in the right places. If your cells are not getting sufficient they become weakened & susceptible to disease.

How are you able to fix this? Improving your blood flow will help, but there is another thing which is at least as important i.e. Increase the amount of oxygen in your blood.

This can be achieved by using hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) has similarities to water (H2O). Water is a really stable molecule but H2O2 has an additional floating oxygen atom that can be used.

There are different grades & strengths of Hydrogen peroxide. It’s vital that you use Food Grade 35% but even that is dangerous. If you drink it straight you’ll die a painful death, if you pour it on your skin it will burn you. Have I aroused your attention? Be careful!

Here’s what you do, dilute it with water (ideally distilled water). To a 6 – 8 ounce tumbler of water add 3 drops & take 3 times per day. You can increase the dose in time up to 25 drops but the stronger it is the more unpleasant it tastes.

This treatment has been utilized for many years by some Western European doctors for the successful treatment of all sorts of human ailments, so if you have got a major health problem, this could be just what you need but do your homework, research it fully, then give it a try.

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