Is The Deadlift Exercise Too Dangerous For Beginners To Perform?

For most people trying to figure out how to lose weight or build their strength, compound exercises often hold the keys to success. While many people don’t push themselves hard enough on compound exercises to see positive results, there is one such compound exercise which often gets tarred with a bad brush. Today you are going to see why this should not be the case, and why you should learn how to deadlift as quickly as you possibly can.

But is it really as dangerous as they say? Do the positives outweigh the negatives? Let’s find out.

The exercise in question today is undoubtedly one of the more controversial movements you can perform with a barbell. While some lifters swear by it’s effectiveness for building strength, you will also come across many gyms who downright ban you from performing it. I:6:T

However, it’s not the actual exercise which is the problem here. It is the fact that people often jump into exercises with a mindset of figuring the move out as they go along, rather than learning it first. With a big, heavy move like this you are asking for trouble.

If you get this move wrong it can go horribly wrong. Instead of gaining strength, you run the risk of putting your back out or causing permanent damage to your spine. That’s why it has such a controversial reputation.

Of course, the counter argument which most seasoned veterans have to this is common sense. Why would you jump in to any exercise without knowing what you are doing? Why would you try to lift a heavy, challenging weight without first knowing the correct technique?

The main two errors which are made here are the arching of the shoulders and the positioning of the feet. Arching your shoulders puts your entire upper body on red alert for injury. Also, putting your weight on the balls of your feet, instead of sitting back into the movement and pushing through your heels, has been the cause of several accidents.

Learn the correct techniques showing you how to deadlift here.

The potential gains you can make from doing the move correctly, however, far outweigh any risks.

Learning how to execute this move correctly is a sure-fire way to kick-start your fat loss or strength gains in the workout room of your local gymnasium. It is such a big exercise that it allows you to train a vast array of powerful muscles in one fell swoop.

Most people know that they will be working their lower back here, but they often do not realize it also allows them to hit their lats, quads and glutes as well.

Championship-winning strongman Andy Bolton, the first man to ever lift more than 1000 lbs, says “This is the king of all exercises.”

If you talk to any professional physique contestants or athletes about the benefits of this move, they will agree that you must learn how to deadlift before you begin doing it. The positives greatly outweigh the potential risks – but only if you do it correctly.

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