is muscle cramps a side affect of tacking any kind of muscle supplements?

I have been on the nitrotech program taking Nitrotech muscle supplement shakes and the NaNo Vapor pre workout drink.
Just recentely i have been enduring random muslce cramps and i would like to know if the cramps are a side affect from tacking these supplements?

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  1. you are getting too much protein and not drinking enough water. you also need to increase bananas/potassium. your body can only process so much protein and it can damage your kidneys if you are not careful

  2. maybe you’re low on potassium, that can cause cramps.

  3. take magnesium and zinc supplements and they will go away

  4. piefkeholz says:

    The cramps are generally the result of dehydration or lack of calcium in your system. Try keeping your fluid level up and see how that works.

  5. Yes more than likely,

    when you take anything into your body like a supplement like the ones your one you need to especially make sure you stay very hydrated.

    VERY IMPORTANT!!! If you don’t maintain a hydrated state the stuff you take can severely dehydrate you, as well as possibly tear up your stomach. I played football in H.S. with a guy who was taking so much stuff that he had a hernia and didn’t know except for a sharp pain in his side. 4hrs later he was in the ER, and was an hour away from dying according to the doc.

    With the amount of stuff it sounds like you take for your workout, you should be drinking around 2-3 GALLONS of water every day until you stop. It will also be more effective if you maintain your hydration.

    Basically if you can’t drink at least a gallon of water a day for any reason, then you should not be taking more than one one supplement, if that.

    Be carefull

  6. jollyman316 says:

    Drinking enough water will most certainly help with cramps…and also stretching before and after is helpful as well.

  7. Nicholas B says:

    i am no doctor but i doubt that your supplements are causing you cramps but i do workout and know that cramps are a symptoms of over training. Maybe you should look at your workout program and evaluate it. Ask a professional if needed.
    Here is a list of common causes of muscle cramp:
    1.Muscle fatigue
    2.Heavy exercise
    5.Heat Cramps
    I recommend to try massage therapy, it has helped myself and my back cramps from sports.
    Also if you don’t already supplement with this try glutamine. It a is an amino acid that is proven when taking as a supplement helps treat muscle cramps. You should look into glutamine it has tones of positive affects on you such a quick recovery and no negative side affects.

    Hope this helps


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