Is it true that gains aquired by training with Creatine supplements are temporary?

In a recent question I asked, one poster stated that my gains when using N.O Xplode (a energy enhancing creatine supplement) will only last while I am taking the supplement, is this true? I plan on working out for most of my life but i most certainly do not plan on taking supplements forever. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. dodgeman10002000 says:

    you will get some gains will you are on a creatine cycle. The one thing about creatine is that while you are taking it, you will be bigger and stronger. Once you stop taking it you will lose some of it. For example: just say you were able to bench 100lbs before you took creatine. While you are on creatine you might be able to bench 120-130. Once you stop taking it you should be able to bench110-115lbs. (you go 2 steps up and 1 step back)

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  2. creatine simply allows your muscles to retain more water, allowing you to exercise for a bit longer before you tire. Muscle gains will not be lost after stopping creatine if you continue to train the same whereas you may look smaller in the mirror as your muscles will be retaining less water than when you were on creatine

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