Is it possible to take too much acidophilus supplement and get a bacterial infection as a result??

I began taking an acidophilus/probiotic supplement from Trader Joe’s and after a month or so developed a bacterial infection. I know that the supplement is good for fending off yeast infections but what is the supplements relation to bacterial infections? Could an overgrowth of good bacteria cause a bacterial infection?

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  1. That’s interesting reasoning you have there. I’m sorry I don’t know the answer but I hope to see you get a good one. My guess is that you can get a bacterial infection despite taking acidophilous or else maybe you already had one and it took time to show because of the acidopholis. Ahh… that’s 3 different spellings we have for acidophilous now. Hope one of us is right. No wonder they call it probiotic. A bit easier to remember the spelling.Sorry I don’t have a good answer for you.
    I’m going to try to check this out because I want to know more about probiotics too. If i learn anything I’ll get back to you later.

  2. Kassandra says:

    NO. But you can sure get one if you DON’T take it after a course of antibiotics. It can take up to 6 months to restore the intestinal flora after antibiotics.

    Always take acidophilus AFTER the antibiotics, or they will kill off the beneficial bacteria too and you won’t get any good from it

  3. charlylou says:

    I think the bacterial infection is just a coincidence.

    Although acidophilis is very effective in restoring a normal bacterial balance in the body, and help in curing and preventing candida yeast infections, it can’t protect you against everything.

    I do think I remember reading somewhere that if you take too many probiotics you could end up feeling sick, though.

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