Is it possible to gain muscle mass using just machine weights?

At my local gym I only have access to machines and dumbells.

Is it possible to gain muscle mass using just machine if I do say 3-4 sets of 6 reps to muscle exhaustion.

I have heard that machines are more for toning and have heard mixed reports on whether you can actually gain muscle mass using them. There is a very good range of machines there though.

Unfortunately, the nearest gym to mine with free weights is an hours drive which is too far.

Thanks for any advice.

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  1. Of course it is. My local gym has very few free weights too, but lots of machine weights. You can still gain lots of muscle mass by following the regime of low reps, high weight. and increasing the weight over time to keep the muscles stressed. However, be aware that you are not developing your stabilising muscles. Free weights force you to control the weight more, therefore employing other muscles, which you don't use when using a machine. But for the major muscle groups, adding size is not a problem.

  2. Buffmaster Flex says:

    yes you can

  3. yeah you can have a high protein diet

  4. lesaber251 says:

    It is possible, but you must push yourself hard, and eat well.
    No pain, no gain is true.

  5. Yes, you can. But by experience, your gain is limited, as compared to using a mix of machine weights and free weights. I've also read that machine weights are basically used for toning (for aesthetics), while free weights are for serious bulk-ers.
    Try to use what you have as long as you can, eat sensibly, and get plenty of sleep.

  6. To gain muscle mass, you need protein and exercise. Exercise stimulates muscle growth, and protein is the building block for muscles.

  7. Yes you can but you must eat a high protein diet otherwise the muscle will not regenerate. You do not need to go to a gym as around the home are numerous items to use for weight. Book are heavy for example. Look around you. I know it doesn't sound the same to say you are working out at home with books etc but it is a whole lot less expensive and just as effective.

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